Random Musings on Motherhood

Random Musings on Motherhood

Mother and Baby Playing

Why do we remain so childlike in front of our own mothers, even when they become the ones in need of mothering?

When do we stop calling our adult children our “kids” which implies they are still young’uns?

What’s the best way to celebrate all the divine goddesses who don’t have physical children but have “mothered” many?

Metaphor of motherhood as creation

Should we celebrate dads who are single parents on mother’s day or give them an extra present on father’s day?

Who has been the most significant feminine role model in your life?

The Schumann Resonance is Off the Charts Again

Sue came across a great article by Dr Joe Dispienza. It explains what the Schumann Resonance is and why it might be here to help us all remember and awaken to who we truly are.

Click to Read the Article​

"Since the spike I have noticed the "burn offs" have returned.

My body has been on fire as the higher frequency of the spike has burnt off lower frequency parts of my body.

Clean outs have followed and I am closer to being the realised me."

- Grandmother Sue

April Global Healing Meditation

We always love having people join us live on our Group Global Healing Meditations, but in case you missed it, here are some links to the April 2017 Global Healing Meditation.

We always love having people join us live on our Group Global Healing Meditations, but in case you missed it, here are some links to the April 2017 Global Healing Meditation.

​Click here for mp3 link

Massive band of energy surrounding the earth is visible.

For all those feeling grumpy and irritable, even though they are not, this will explain it!

There is a very high frequency energy belt circling the Earth. Similar to a solar flare but far more powerful than a XFLARE I t is wrapping around the planet rather than just areas as it passes, like flares do.

The thing is that no one can explain it. Where does it come from, what will it do???

No one knows. Some are predicting earth quakes due to the huge frequency that is raining over our planet. We act as conduits for the energy to enter the earth, so there is a lot of energy going into the planet as well as around it!

A massive "S" shaped curve is appearing.  

12/19/2016 large wave of energy from unknown source. Here's a YouTube link by Dutchsinse.

And here's a link to the original Univ of Wisconsin microwave chart that he refers to.

This summer solstice will be extraordinary experience for us.

Is this THE cosmic wave that has been predicted? There are many videos on you tube, dutchsinse being a scientific channel.

There are many saying this is the end times that has been predicted, even Stephen Hawkins agrees according to one clip I watched, some are predicting Jesus is returning.

As usual there is extremes in opinions , some are even predicting magnetic pole reversal.  

Will that mean 3 days of total darkness as some have predicted?​

Whatever is happening will be analysed and analysed. Being aware is a bonus but no one knows what is, or will happen.

All we can do is enjoy our Christmas, it will help to keep your good thoughts flowing.

I know my second chakra is very active, which puts me on alert.

What do you think it is?​

multi coloured map of the glob showing streams of coloured bands of precipitable water and energy

Check out the "S" streams of energy circulating vertically around the planet.

December is set to go out with a bang!

White Clydesdale horse showing pregnancy.

Cindy ready to drop her foal…

December is set to go out with a bang! Solar winds are creating an emotional roller coaster, the 12/12 portal is opening (and stays open until the 21/12). This is a last ditch effort to release all the junk we are still hanging on to. Remember, if we don’t release it, come the 1/1/1 we carry it with us thus restricting all of the benefits of the “new” decade of energies. A positive decade is upon us as the year 1 brings in the new. We are ready to create our new positive 9 year cycle, unless, of course, we don’t empty out the old!
Go ahead and feel whatever comes up this next 10 days and start the new, NEW!!!!

I am really hoping Cindy stops “hanging on” and releases her foal safely

Merger of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies

This last meditation was incredibly special.

Here at the Vortex Healing Centre, we’ve been working very hard to



Everything we’ve all done is culminating in this momentous time for both the divine feminine and divine masculine to come into balance.

Mini Mindfulness Moments MMM….



Mini mindfulness moments

I’ve been volunteering recently at the St Helens Child and Family Centre because I remember so vividly the days when my kids were little and I felt pulled in so many ways to do 100 things at once. And I was hoping I could help the parents find some peace, quiet and calm in their life.

It’s fantastic that mothers are rated of the best multi-taskers on the planet, but the downside is that I was one of the best multi-taskers ever. Specifically, as I continued to give and give, I often put myself down on the very bottom of the list. As in “when I’ve finished feeding the kids and doing laundry, THEN I’ll stop and take care of myself.” Or When I’ve finished driving the kids around to play days and soccer practice THEN I’ll have minute to myself.” or “When the kids take a nap, THEN I can sit down and take a break.”

Truthfully, I did plan time for myself, but I rarely took it. And I never believed people when they advised me to plan in my own “Me-time”. I thought there’s so much that needs done, I should just keep doing more.

Boy was I wrong! And that is the main reason I wanted to volunteer at the Family Centre. I wanted to help parents of young children learn how to take a moment out of their day to practice meditation and mindfulness. To learn now how to deal with the stress of being a parent, to learn now how to honour ourselves as we honour our families. To learn how to create this practice as a way of choosing yourself as a better parent, a better spouse and a better person.

That’s why I created this process I call the mini-mindfulness-moment.

It only takes a moment of your time.

Here’s how it’s done:

Sit upright with all digital devices turned off.

Take a few long, slow deep powerful breaths releasing all tension from the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Allow your breath to exhale out all the tension in your body.

Allow your mind to notice the thoughts as they come up, but notice how they can float by like clouds in the sky.

Keep your awareness totally and completely on the breath.

If you find yourself in the middle of your thoughts, bring your awareness back to your breath and notice how your belly and chest move as you breath in and out.

Notice how your shoulders feel when they’re relaxed and dropped.

Notice how your breath feels on the top of your upper lip as the air moves in and out.

Long, slow, deep, powerful breaths.

Just noticing.

Being aware.

And after a few moments, 3 minutes is a great place to start, gently bring your awareness back to your body and return right back to right here, right now.

And that’s all there is to it.

The more you practice this, the easier it will be to relax deeper with every session.

Ideally you would find 3 minutes every morning to calm and ready yourself for everything that will arrive later that day. Doing this will help you keep an even keel no matter what arrives.

I’d love to hear how this works for you.

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