April Global Healing Meditation

We always love having people join us live on our Group Global Healing Meditations, but in case you missed it, here are some links to the April 2017 Global Healing Meditation.

We always love having people join us live on our Group Global Healing Meditations, but in case you missed it, here are some links to the April 2017 Global Healing Meditation.

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Massive band of energy surrounding the earth is visible.

For all those feeling grumpy and irritable, even though they are not, this will explain it!

There is a very high frequency energy belt circling the Earth. Similar to a solar flare but far more powerful than a XFLARE I t is wrapping around the planet rather than just areas as it passes, like flares do.

The thing is that no one can explain it. Where does it come from, what will it do???

No one knows. Some are predicting earth quakes due to the huge frequency that is raining over our planet. We act as conduits for the energy to enter the earth, so there is a lot of energy going into the planet as well as around it!

A massive "S" shaped curve is appearing.  

12/19/2016 large wave of energy from unknown source. Here's a YouTube link by Dutchsinse.

And here's a link to the original Univ of Wisconsin microwave chart that he refers to.

This summer solstice will be extraordinary experience for us.

Is this THE cosmic wave that has been predicted? There are many videos on you tube, dutchsinse being a scientific channel.

There are many saying this is the end times that has been predicted, even Stephen Hawkins agrees according to one clip I watched, some are predicting Jesus is returning.

As usual there is extremes in opinions , some are even predicting magnetic pole reversal.  

Will that mean 3 days of total darkness as some have predicted?​

Whatever is happening will be analysed and analysed. Being aware is a bonus but no one knows what is, or will happen.

All we can do is enjoy our Christmas, it will help to keep your good thoughts flowing.

I know my second chakra is very active, which puts me on alert.

What do you think it is?​

multi coloured map of the glob showing streams of coloured bands of precipitable water and energy

Check out the "S" streams of energy circulating vertically around the planet.

December is set to go out with a bang!

White Clydesdale horse showing pregnancy.

Cindy ready to drop her foal…

December is set to go out with a bang! Solar winds are creating an emotional roller coaster, the 12/12 portal is opening (and stays open until the 21/12). This is a last ditch effort to release all the junk we are still hanging on to. Remember, if we don’t release it, come the 1/1/1 we carry it with us thus restricting all of the benefits of the “new” decade of energies. A positive decade is upon us as the year 1 brings in the new. We are ready to create our new positive 9 year cycle, unless, of course, we don’t empty out the old!
Go ahead and feel whatever comes up this next 10 days and start the new, NEW!!!!

I am really hoping Cindy stops “hanging on” and releases her foal safely

Merger of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies

This last meditation was incredibly special.

Here at the Vortex Healing Centre, we’ve been working very hard to



Everything we’ve all done is culminating in this momentous time for both the divine feminine and divine masculine to come into balance.

Mini Mindfulness Moments MMM….



Mini mindfulness moments

I’ve been volunteering recently at the St Helens Child and Family Centre because I remember so vividly the days when my kids were little and I felt pulled in so many ways to do 100 things at once. And I was hoping I could help the parents find some peace, quiet and calm in their life.

It’s fantastic that mothers are rated of the best multi-taskers on the planet, but the downside is that I was one of the best multi-taskers ever. Specifically, as I continued to give and give, I often put myself down on the very bottom of the list. As in “when I’ve finished feeding the kids and doing laundry, THEN I’ll stop and take care of myself.” Or When I’ve finished driving the kids around to play days and soccer practice THEN I’ll have minute to myself.” or “When the kids take a nap, THEN I can sit down and take a break.”

Truthfully, I did plan time for myself, but I rarely took it. And I never believed people when they advised me to plan in my own “Me-time”. I thought there’s so much that needs done, I should just keep doing more.

Boy was I wrong! And that is the main reason I wanted to volunteer at the Family Centre. I wanted to help parents of young children learn how to take a moment out of their day to practice meditation and mindfulness. To learn now how to deal with the stress of being a parent, to learn now how to honour ourselves as we honour our families. To learn how to create this practice as a way of choosing yourself as a better parent, a better spouse and a better person.

That’s why I created this process I call the mini-mindfulness-moment.

It only takes a moment of your time.

Here’s how it’s done:

Sit upright with all digital devices turned off.

Take a few long, slow deep powerful breaths releasing all tension from the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Allow your breath to exhale out all the tension in your body.

Allow your mind to notice the thoughts as they come up, but notice how they can float by like clouds in the sky.

Keep your awareness totally and completely on the breath.

If you find yourself in the middle of your thoughts, bring your awareness back to your breath and notice how your belly and chest move as you breath in and out.

Notice how your shoulders feel when they’re relaxed and dropped.

Notice how your breath feels on the top of your upper lip as the air moves in and out.

Long, slow, deep, powerful breaths.

Just noticing.

Being aware.

And after a few moments, 3 minutes is a great place to start, gently bring your awareness back to your body and return right back to right here, right now.

And that’s all there is to it.

The more you practice this, the easier it will be to relax deeper with every session.

Ideally you would find 3 minutes every morning to calm and ready yourself for everything that will arrive later that day. Doing this will help you keep an even keel no matter what arrives.

I’d love to hear how this works for you.

Quick update on Lions Gate…

Quick update on the Lions Gate Energies…

Grab ’em while you can and let them settle in your body as the 7th dimension comes to YOU.

You can ground them in easily by doing the Lion’s Gate meditation or simply sitting outside both feet firmly planted on the ground and allowing your physical body to stay in tune and tune in with the etheric bodies and etheric energies.




Practice Aloha – A Guide from our Hawaiian Elders


Molokai Reefs Hawai'i

Molokai Reefs Hawai’i photo Barbara Longue

Practicing Aloha

I thought I knew what aloha meant before I got to Hawaii’, but I but I was very wrong.

I thought it was just a beautiful greeting and a big smile on these pacific islanders faces and that was nice.

They seemed to say it all the time. Greetings, goodbyes. Was it like “salut”in french? Or “ciao”in Italian? “Hola”in Spanish? I’m beginning to discover it’s true meaning but it took me all 10 days in Maui to get a handle on it.

My first glimpse that aloha meant more than I thought was after lunch along the beach in Lahaina at one of the most delicious beautiful, restful meals I’ve had in my life. It was epic because we had tons of appetizers and pizzas and all sorts of gluten free dairy free things that made you not care that something was gluten or dairy free. Simply delicious food. An absolutely stunning view almost sitting on the incoming waves of the pacific lapping and spraying us with a quick mist refreshing us every so often. And the meal was shared with some of my favorite people on the planet, my youngest brother, his wife, his 3 kids and my mom.

That’s what made everything as delicious of a memory as it was to eat. Then when the coffee and bill came out, a bunch of little car stickers came out with the phrase “Practice Aloha” on them.

I was too embarrassed at the time to ask what that meant as I was afraid the intoxicating view and the consumption of Sancerre at lunch would impede my ability to hear the proper answer.

But it had me thinking. All the time. About what Aloha could possibly mean.

I was on vacation so I didn’t really want to think.

I was “off duty”.

But it was still very much in the back of mind, in the same way I now viewed lua’s as not just some cheesy tourist rip-off but as a sacred celebration of ancestral traditions.

To document what IS aloha.

Who IS actually practicing it?

I saved one of the local magazines because they had a discussion of the out of print local history books and how some people were trying to save that knowledge that is stored in out of print books and that oral/written history that has been disney-ized until we don’t know the true sacred meanings any longer.

Maybe the practice of aloha is like the yoga sutra? Where the actual concept is much broader and far reaching than most people estimate?

Here’s the literal text on a poster I found in the Maui airport as I was about to head out:

“What is Aloha” by Pono Shim & Ramsay Taum

“What is Aloha? What is this special “spirit” that is universally spoken of? For some of us it is more than a greeting but rather a life force that defines who and why we are here.

Auntie Pilahi Paki, who was a “keeper of the secrets of Hawai’I tasked several of her students to be prepared for the future when the world would be in collapse. She spoke of the time when Hawai’I would have the remedy to save the world and the remedy was “Aloha” in 1970 at the Governor’s conference she introduced modern Hawai’I to a deeper understanding of “Aloha”

A = Akahai meaning kindness (grace). To be expressed with tenderness.

L = Lokahi meaning unity (unbroken) to be expressed with harmony.

O = Olu’olu meaning agreeable (gently) to be experessed with pleasantness.

H = Ha’aha’a meaning humility (empty), to be expressed with modesty.

A = Ahonui meaning patience (waiting for the moment) to be expressed with perseverance.

A secret of Aloha” is that a person cannot do one of the principles without truly doing all and if you are not doing one you are not doing any. So to be “Living Aloha” is to live all the principles. An even deeper meaning of “Aloha” that Auntie Pilahi Paki shared with us can be found in a quote from our Queen.

“The Queen’s quote found on epilogue page of the book” The Betrayal of Lili’uokalani” by Helena G. Allen

In 1917 after Queen Lili’uokalani had seen the end of the Hawaiian monarchy she said to her hanai daughter, Lydia K Ahola, “To gain the kindgon of heaven is to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen, and to know the unknowable – that is Aloha. All things in this world are two; in heaven, there is but One” – Queen Lili’ okolani (1917)”

So, please Practice Aloha.

It’s a beautiful place to BE.

July Global Healing Meditation

2016-03-28 07.11.19-2We’ve been in the midst of massive energetic openings, and this meditation helped everyone get what they needed on a deeply spiritual level.

Click here to download the meditation

Here’s the transcript of the day:

“We’re busy in this whole ascension process doing this massive experiment that enables the whole planet and us to ascend to the higher realms but to do that our body obviously needs to be upgraded and at a much higher vibration than it is, and a lot of people like me and quite a few other people are starting to bail out because they don’t want to stay in this body.

Karuna: I’m not bailing out, I’m just challenged!

TassieSue: I didn’t mean specifically you, but people who are plagued with degenerative problems that will increase as time goes on.  A lot of light workers have been bailing out on the subtle levels.  OK I’ve had enough I want a new body when it does happen.

So I don’t know how much the body can regenerate, but I’m assuming it can regenerate at 100% because if the DNA codes get high enough or if the DNA codes are activated enough to heal completely, this will be a very hard process.

It’s going to be quite painful I would assume.

But again, we have free will in all of this.

So today we’re going to exercise our free will today and I want you all to get comfortable.

Quan Yin is sitting here looking at me…

Now that I’ve glued her head back on.

Ok we will begin as always by just centering ourselves and taking some nice deep breaths.

Connecting with the centre of the earth and the Centre of the Universe, merging mother and father in our hearts.

Connecting the mother and the father in our higher heart and our physical heart, allowign these beautiful energies to spread right throughout our body.

At the next big deep breath, we’re going to send the energies up through out 8th chakra, our crown chakra to our higher self and ask our higher self to fully participate within us.

You should feel an instant rush of warmth as your higher self joins you.

When we do this we are in a minimum of 5th dimension and all things become possible, but as always as (light) workers we forget to ask for ourselves, so today we’re asking for a smooth transition into our higher light bodies.

May the repair work to our physical become complete with the minimum of disruption to our daily lives.

We ask that all our DNA codes that are ready to fire be activated to help us complete this move with ease and grace.

When in this state with our higher self fully communicating with us, we’ll only get what is perfect for us at this time.

We ask also that many of the indigos that are still inactive and have a lot to give, we ask that they become active so that we can increase the energy, so that we can increase the vibration of our planet.

We also ask for as smooth as possible of a transition for our dear Mother Gaia.

And remember now our healing gifts have increased dramatically so we ask that you do use them.

Especially with those that come to you.

We’re actually sitting in a triangle today, normally we sit in a circle.

In a pyramid shape.

And there’s a ball of purple energy, or three or more balls of purple energy going from one person to another. It may be different for you, so ask to see these balls and how they’re travelling.

And wow, there’s just been a huge beam of pink light that’s come spiralling down, it has a big deep red light that spirals in the centre.

We’ve been doing a lot of work on thes serpent and the winged serpent and the connection to that and amongst this deep red is the winged serpent.

I want you to ask your higher self now for an explanation of this energy, and I’ll leave you for a while.

[2 min silence]

I want you to ask your higher self now for an explanation of this energy and I’ll leave you for a while.

[6 min silence]

You take a slightly deeper breath now, and Quan Yin has asked me to say this or offer this up as a prayer in our nightly or daily thoughts.  We ask that all of our physical ailments stay on the plane where they were created.

We ask that our light body and our physical body vibrates at the level of our consciousness.

We also have a monk that has joined us here today, he’s showing something on his right hand.

He’s saying it’s also possible to instruct your body now and if you have any green calcite, it is the way to instruct or program your body.

I’ll get you to start doing some nice deep breaths, holding absorbing and accepting the energies and the programing we have done today.

We have to create the body we want.

And as Karuna says we have to create it on the other level, we have to reside on the higher levels in order to rise above the physical.

Quite insistent this monk.

Ok, so some nice deep breaths.

Bringing yourself totally back to right here, right now.”


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