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Purple Rose


This essence is the great activator and stimulates all of your DNA codes to take you on to YOUR next level.

It is made with the essence of the purple rose that bloomed here on the property on the 11th of Nov.  Even stranger, it seems to bloom here on the property whenever we have a big event here…

Combined with the energy of our 11/11 crystals (they have been placed on many many power sites throughout the world.

For example, one of their visits was to the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt on the true 11/11 (11th of Nov 2009) as well as Mt Shasta, Easter Island, the Hitching Post at Macchu Picchu, Avebury and Glastonbury, as well as many other amazing places and the Church at St Maxine in the South of France where Mary Magdelene’s remains are found.

This essences carries the 11/11 code is the code of great awakening. (If you see 11/11’s regularly this essence is for you.)

The essence itself was created on the vortex here in Tasmania and carries with it all of the ancient healing energies of Lemuria.




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