0016 Diamond Heart Blue Star Activation

We’re just about to head into another huge period of growth, so enjoy these last few days of relative peace and quiet.


The last moon stirred quite a few people up but it was relatively calm compared to what we’re going to go through. We’re headed the new eclipse season which doesn’t start until mid July through Mid Aug (12th July – 11th Aug 2018).


We also have a huge activation called the Blue Star activation coming in a few days, and that merely means that we’ll be activating a bit more of the diamond grid to a higher frequency.


Of course we’re all resonating on the diamond frequency which is the fifth dimension which is the rainbow frequency which we should all be quite happily residing in at the moment.


Make yourself nice and comfortable and close your eyes and we’ll begin as we always do with a few big deep breaths connecting deep into the centre of the earth and drawing it up through our feet and into our higher heart.


Three deep breaths from the centre of the earth, fully expanding the top of the chest.


And we take three deep breaths from the great central sun, from the centre of the universe drawing down through the top of our heads and into our hearts, fully expanding the top of our chest which expands our pure spiritual heart.


When we take the combined breaths, I’m just being shown a picture of what they would like you to visualise, we take combined breaths from the centre of the earth and the centre of the Universe, and we see our diamond shaped spiritual heart fill up with gold but we also see golden beams going down our arms and the wanted me to be specific about this…





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