11/11 Meditation

The 11th of the 11th has always been a massive energetic moment.

I remember in 2009 when Sue & I went to Egypt with a few other lightworkers and spent the 11/11 in the Great Pyramid in Giza.

We all had a chance to lie down in the massive sarcophagus and feel the energies. It was one of the most amazing moments!

The upcoming 11/11 energies are just as strong as the entire planet has a had a chance to rethink how they want to live their life.

To re-imagine what it is that happiness, peace and abundance look like especially when it can all be combined together.

You no longer have to pick one or the other.

So, hang on tight!

The energies are a doozy right now, but it will all be very clear very soon.

I promise!

We’ve always been very aware of the 11/11. There is even an essence that was made shortly after that visit to the King’s Chamber and we have had a solfeggio chime made to 1111 energies.

So, it’s all coming full circle as everything brings us to right here. Right now.

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