4 Reasons Why You Need Crocoite Now

Crocoite is an amazing, absolutely Tasmanian crystal that caught my eye very early in my crystal collecting days.

It’s rarity and extreme fragility make it even more scarce. The crystalline protrusions are beautiful but fragile and difficult to ship.

When they pick up the light they are stunning!

It’s bright orangy-red colouring is usually sitting on a dull mineral matrix that also contains lead, so this is one crystal not to wear on your person for a long period of time.

The crystal was first discovered in Russia, but the west coast of Tasmania has been a huge source of some of the most stunning crystals to emerge.

Tasmanian Crocoite
Crocoite at Dawn…

1. Making Breakthroughs

According to the Book of Stones by Robert Simmons, they boost physical vitality and are “a beneficial stone for making breakthroughs, especially for thos whose most passionate pursuit is the realization of enlightenment.

2. Activates the base, heart and crown chakras

Creating a harmonic vibration between the base, heart and crown chakras is like winning the Triple Crown in horse racing. This helps all three chakras to work together to create your emerging self.

3. Stimulates your “soul energy”

According to Robert Simmons, when the heart chakra is activated by this stone, “the energy floods the auric field with what one might call “soul energy” a kind of awareness that is far more spiritually attuned than one’s everyday self, but far less detached than on’e s pure spirit. This energy is what is needed for the compassionate healing of oneself, one’s fellow humans and this planet.” Wow. I think I may have to send one to everyone. Seems the world couldl really use some compassion for self, and others right about now.

4. Creates a Channel of Light

According to Naisha Ahsian, once the base, heart and crown charkras are activated by this stone, it “allows for connection to the higher realsma dn the groundin gof those higher frequencies creatig a channel of Light through the physical body, into the world. Each person who radiates in this way becomes a beacon of Light for others-illuminating the truth that this reality is a manifestation of the Divine and we are all expression of the Light on Earth.

So much goodness. What a great time on our planet to connect to your highest awareness, allowing crystals to help you remember who and what you truly are!

It’s hard to keep crocoite in stock, but if we do have any available, you can find them here.

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