A New Essence Is Here

blue star transformational essence

I decided that I also needed something as the drain some days , is hard to bear.  I decided to create a Homeopathic Essence to aid Lightworkers with protection.

Well that created a stir !  Ideas were flooding in as to what would go into this essence.  We have a Waratah that has morphed over the years to one that flowers all year round, continual healing/protection, ok 1 ingredient tick, the Vortex Energies of course, tick.  Hmmm  A crystal skull was trying to get my attention, ( all of our skulls have been charged with the Max and Shana Ra energies). I also sounded our 528 hz gong into the water, smiling to myself as the Essence was taking shape.  I placed the ingredients on the Vortex in the Sun, but being winter, the hours were too short to get the full 7 hours I like to put into our Essences. I bought it up to the house yard as it gets an extra 2 hours of sunlight. 

Thats when the games began, the Sun disk that is in the ocean in front of us made its presence known, so I drew the energies of the Sundisk and downloaded them into the essence. Wow this will be powerful I thought, however, a power point on our land thar also leads to the Lemurian city under the ocean,  wanted to add some energies as well.

Phew, this will certainly be powerful.

As I prepared the Essence, I tried some so I could see how its properties were going to affect lightworkers.

So here are the preliminary results, an Immediate tingling all over my body, followed by a warmth flooding through me. Later that day I did far more work than I have been able to do for a long time. This is what my normal energy should be.  The Essence protected me from being drained by whatever was draining me!  I felt good!

The second dose was the same, I can feel the energy flowing all over me.  As I am typing this I can feel a big increase in awareness, I can tune into the energies without having to block first! I am so much clearer. My crown chakra is active and tingling, so I am receiving directly from my higher self!

This could be our best Essence yet! 

A few names have been suggested:



Golden Veil

Power Protector

Blue Star

What name do you think will be best?

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