Blaze’s Story

Blaze was sired by my gorgeous old Dog called Satchmo, he was eleven at the time. I waited excitedly to see his puppies and he did have a few. ! I raced over to my friends house that was dealing with the influx of a lot of squirming, hungry puppies. When I got there and dived into the puppy pile I came out with a black one, and to my surprise as I picked him up he spoke to me, He said “Geday, my name is Blaze and I am coming home with you” I had never had an animal speak so clearly to me!

And yes he did come home when he was old enough!

He grew into a wonderful friend and a very special healing dog. He would check out every one that came to visit and if he leaned on them I knew there was going to be a release of that persons emotions. If he leaned on them and stared at me it meant that this was one that I had to work with!

He would take anyone for a walk as he loved running through the bush. One of our friends went with him one day and as Blaze was doing his thing she became disorientated and got lost. Blaze stuck close by but out of sight and when we drove down the track I called him as I knew he would be close. He came bounding out of the bush looking very pleased with himself, “Where is our friend ?” iasked, he turned and looked down the track and sure enough our friend was just around the corner!

Many healing stories and wonderful times together were had over the 12 years he was with me, he knew how to comfort me,when I needed love, silence, space and fun.

I was devastated as one night I went outside to take Blaze out, and I saw his group soul all playing on the lawn. Dogs belong to a group soul, and I thought oh no!!! it must be his time as they have come to get him! Sure enough, a week later he had a big swim in his dam and took of for a run in the bush, I knew he would not come back.

He didn’t and life was very painful as a huge chunk of my daily life was not there, no more morning walks, talks, fun and love, however, after a little while, I could feel him around, sometimes even see him, esp his tail going past the window.

Then I had a dream that I was trying to wake Barbara up saying Blaze is back, Oh fantastic!!! I knew then Blaze had chosen to returnand he had found a body for his next life. It was very quick return time I thought but hey my boy was comingback. I tuned in to get somemore info and he said he was close and under the sign of the bull. Ok so he was going to be born under the sign of Taurus again. Hmm plus six weeks before he could leave his mum, He should return in June. I did get a bit anxious as the time grew close, what if I couldn’t find him?? Or pick the right puppy??? I have been blessed with extra sensitivies and have known when my dogs are coming,! ( look out for my next book …… And God created Pets). I was able to pick up that Blaze was getting anxious as he hadn’t seen me. so I tuned in again and saw a golden dog, aghhh I didn’t want a golden dog, Blaze was looking for me as a puppy.

Still anxious I went and feed my horses who were being agisted down the road. I met up with Sarah who owned the farm, and she asked if I needed any dry wood, she had some to sell. Always needing dry wood I followed her back to see the wood and out ran a golden dog!!! She was obviously feeding puppies!

You got puppies I asked and she said do you want to see them?? Six boys, and as my heart thumped I picked them up looking for recognition, hmm Not so easy as they were 4 weeks old. I picked up a smaller one with a white flash on his chest and he snuggled into me. I felt his little heart jolt as he recognised my energy/heart. He snuggled right in then and yes I had found my boy!

Today he comes home!

I had been wondering what to call him and trying to get rid of a song that had been going around in my head all day, The Queen song Flash Gordon, Saviour of the Universe, Flash it is!

Do you believe in pet reincarnation?

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