Can you recover from Covid 19 at home?

Sue & I have been using natural and energetic therapies for the last few decades and it's clear that sometimes, like now, with this global pandemic that much of traditional medecine is overwhelmed and unable to cope with the volume of patients at hand.

This video by Dr David Brownstein is really enlightening because it reviews a direct case of someone with Covid 19 who thought he was  going to die 4 days ago and is now
feeling significantly better.

No one wants to make a trip to the  hospital if it can be avoided.

And we salute all the health care  workers who are risking their lives right now to provide the best treatment they know.

But is it sufficient?

Are we just waiting for more ventilators
to appear like magic?

His protocol covers a lot of basic things
especially looking at fever as the natural
way for the body to begin fighting
infection and looking at supplements
that will boost the immune system
to naturally fight the infection.

Vit D, Vit A and Vit C taken hourly until
the stomach can't handle it, Plus a
nebulizer with low dose
hydrogen peroxide and iodine solution
done multiple times a day have been
producing significant results for this
doctor and his patients.

It certainly gives me hope that the
alternative medical community
can step up to the plate to calm
some of the fears from many
around the virus.

This will allow people to concentrate
on the benefits
of learning to sit in stillness more
often. To learn how to dive
deeper into who they are and
why they are here...

To stop being busy as a national
pastime and to start looking deeper

Looking forward to hearing
your thoughts on the matter.

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