The Metaphysical Power of the April 2024 Solar Eclipse

It’s Here! On April 8, 2024, a powerful total solar eclipse will sweep across North America. For many spiritual seekers, this rare celestial event holds profound metaphysical significance beyond just the astronomical phenomenon. Eclipses have been viewed as sacred occurrences across cultures and civilizations for centuries[1]. As the moon passes directly between the Earth and … Read more

What Is A Soul?

God’s magnificent aspect, the soul, takes on different forms and experiences in various lifetimes, according to [Speaker 1]. The soul undergoes purification and darkness in different realms and planes, but remains the essence of God. [Speaker 1] emphasizes the soul’s divine nature and the various experiences it goes through in different lifetimes.

Nurturing New Minds: The Revolutionary Earth Language Books by Iya Whiteley

The Earth Language series is grounded in cutting-edge research on early cognitive development and language acquisition. Studies have shown that newborns are remarkably receptive to linguistic patterns and sounds, with the ability to distinguish between different phonetic elements from an early age. Whiteley’s books harness this innate capability, presenting language in a way that is both engaging and educationally potent for infants.

2024 The Year of Abundance

by Dr. Robert Pease Numerologist “Universal year of an 8. Deal with the whole self and no longer ignore the shadow. Revealing those parts creates clearer decisions and with confidence. Ushering unprecedented change and transformation, there is a colossal gateway to another way to approach life. Exploration of the inner world in a new way.  … Read more

Nature’s Grand Finale: Summer Solstice vs. Christmas

As the rest of the world prepares for a winter wonderland and festive celebrations, the Southern Hemisphere is gearing up for a different kind of magic—the enchanting arrival of the summer solstice. While Christmas holds a special place in many hearts, the summer solstice embodies a unique and profound connection to nature and the changing seasons in our part of the world.

Exploring Consciousness: Australia’s Counsel of 13 Grandmothers Gather

In a serene and mystical setting, a gathering of women recently convened with 3 of members of Australia’s Counsel of 13 Grandmothers at the Vortex Healing Centre to embark on a profound exploration of consciousness. The air was filled with an aura of reverence and curiosity as these esteemed women delved into the depths of spiritual understanding and collective wisdom.

Is there an “Antidote” for Long Covid?

Highly controversial interview with Dr Bryan Ardis about his protocol for long covid. I found it quite compelling and fascinating to see the depth of clinical research links to in the video. Click here to link to the video. Here are my notes from the video. Do your own research and don’t stop learning. If … Read more

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