A New Essence Is Here

I decided that I also needed something as the drain some days , is hard to bear.  I decided to create a Homeopathic Essence to aid Lightworkers with protection. Well that created a stir !  Ideas were flooding in as to what would go into this essence.  We have a Waratah that has morphed over the … Read more

Tips for Quarantine

   Some tips to make your quarantine easierI was away to the US and returned before the mandatory 14 day shelter in place policy but I could see it was important to the people around me to do that quarantine anyway, and as the massive spread has now been documented in the US.1. Get outside air … Read more

Connect The Hoop

OurubusConnect The Hoop The indigenous tribes in the US have always used circles or “hoops” as part of their sacred traditions.“You have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the power of the world always works in circles, and everything tries to be round.In the old days all our … Read more

Random Musings on Motherhood

Random Musings on MotherhoodMother and Baby PlayingWhy do we remain so childlike in front of our own mothers, even when they become the ones in need of mothering? When do we stop calling our adult children our “kids” which implies they are still young’uns? What’s the best way to celebrate all the divine goddesses who don’t have … Read more

December is set to go out with a bang!

December is set to go out with a bang! Solar winds are creating an emotional roller coaster, the 12/12 portal is opening (and stays open until the 21/12). This is a last ditch effort to release all the junk we are still hanging on to. Remember, if we don’t release it, come the 1/1/1 we … Read more

Mini Mindfulness Moments MMM….

Mini mindfulness moments I’ve been volunteering recently at the St Helens Child and Family Centre because I remember so vividly the days when my kids were little and I felt pulled in so many ways to do 100 things at once. And I was hoping I could help the parents find some peace, quiet and … Read more

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