Some of My Crystal Skull Friends

I began collecting skulls in 2007/2008 after a friend convinced me to come to their place in New Jersey to meet Max the Skull and his crystal keeper. At the time, I really didn’t like even the thought of skulls. I thought they were only used to signify poison on labels or used by vicious biker communities. I didn’t resonate with it at all, but my friend convinced me that this would be different and that the story of JoAnn Parks and her skull Max was unique.

I was totally blown away when I got to spend some alone time with Max and felt such enough love welling up inside me it was incredible. I couldn’t believe that something theoretically inanimate could possible make me feel that way.

I left that day with a small selenite skull that had spent time with Max and it really has changed my life with the knowledge that energy, feelings, information and so much more could be transmitted so powerfully. It’s helped me to understand even better so many other energetic occurrences just by accepting this one. Imagine my surprise that night after I got my selenite skull home to find him glowing in the dark all alone in my home office! I was freaked out totally until I realized that selenite can do that and it wasn’t unique to my skull. Many people give names to their skulls, but for some reason I never have. I simply enjoy having a chat with them every now and then.

That crystal has been able to spend time with a whole gang of skulls at a big event in Manhattan a few years later. We the biggest skulls, the smallest skulls, an atlantean quartz ball and I was fortunate to be able to spend some private time with Sha Na Ra, another very ancient skull. My original selenite skull has been used to awaken all the other skulls I’ve purchased over the years and it is always amazing to me to see what happens when my charged up skull meets a new human or meets a new skull friend. The first time I introduced my set of 12 small clear quartz skulls around him in a circle, it was like there was lightning in the room as you could practically visualize all the energy and information flowing back and forth.

It’s been taught to me that the skulls were created in this way for higher beings who lived on the planet eons ago, inserted the data into the skulls in this way so that humans could more easily access the information. And yes, being able to access the information is the key. I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of sitting on a rock or seeing a rock formation and knew it had an amazing story to tell.

Crystal skulls seem to be able to bridge that gap that allows people to access those stories more easily.

Here are a few of my friends:

One of the earlier uses of crystal skulls was “scrying” or using them to facilitate answers to questions asked about potential future events.

Nick Nocerino, who was one of the leading experts on crystal skulls used this technique to help him to find Sha Na Ra buried in Central America and it’s been used and displaying actively by his daughter Michelle Nocerino around the world.

JoAnn Parks story of being gifted Max by a Red Hat Lama and Healer Norbu Chen in 1980 is quite comical. As I was told the story, she had worked the monk for a number of years and had always disliked seeing the large skull on his desk, but upon his passing, he left the skull to her in his will. She immediately placed the skull in her hallway closet stuffed with other things and out of sight. As the years went on, she often heard calling to open up the closet door and “let me out”. A frightening thought indeed! Yet, she finally did take Max out of the closet and begin to work with it! He let her know in no uncertain terms that he was to be shared and used and that his message was one of love.

If you allow you mind and body to receive, maybe you will feel it too!

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