Energy Update: Massive Energies this weekend

pluto jupiter conjunct

Mosaic image of Pluto and its largest moon Charon, captured around the time the New Horizons spacecraft swept closest to them on July 14, 2015. Image via NASA/ JHUAPL/ SwRI.

Massive Energies Flowing This Weekend

Pluto Conjunct Jupiter

Throughout all of 2020, Jupiter and Pluto will be coming very close together, the first time on Sunday 05 April 2020 here in Australia (04 April elsewhere).

A conjunction occurs when two celestial bodies appear close to each other from the Earth's viewpoint.

The 2nd conjunct will take place on 30th June 2020 and the 3rd on 12 Nov 2020.  This is an incredibly rare phenomenon and especially this should be visible in the night sky.  Jupiter is the 4th brightest light in the heavens.  You'll need a telescope to see Pluto but know that it is there.

They will be found in the East just before the first light of Dawn. 

Let the waning crescent moon guide your eye to the dazzling planet Jupiter in mid-April 2020. The chart is specifically for mid-northern North American latitudes. On the same date in the world’s Eastern Hemisphere, the moon is offset to the previous date. (For instance, in Asia, the moon will closely pair up with Jupiter on April 15 and Mars on April 16.) Pluto, though not shown on the chart, lies to the southwest (lower right) of Jupiter. On April 14, the moon swings to the south of Pluto (yet actually occults Pluto in the Antarctic Peninsula) around 22:00 UTC. Then an hour later the moon swings to the south of Jupiter at 23:04 UTC

This close conjunction of the giant Jupiter and the dwarf planet Pluto is the alignment of the two planets for this entire century (2001-2100).  

These energies are calling for all to embrace the best and worst parts of ourselves (oh how timely!) 

"Jupiter brings a love of freedom, knowledge, potential and justice. Pluto brings a love of power, domination, transformation and the need to accept things beyond your control. When these two planets join forces, you can get everything from learning to use power in an ethical, principled way, to finding a new philosophy of life based on your true inner passion, to having a crisis of faith as you are forced to reconsider what you believe and make adjustments according to how your life has changed in the last 13 years (since the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction)."  Evolving Door Astrology

So, yes, it's time to stop hiding (even if paradoxically you're on quarantine and isolation).  It's time to stop hiding from yourself.  From looking at both the great and the not so great aspects of yourself and simply accept where you are right at this moment.  

It's time to stop avoiding looking deep inside and dulling the senses with alcohol or other drugs.  It's time to stop the catatonic brain with mindless netflix binges.  

We have actually been given a gift of time here.

A gift to be able to know that you can do this. 

You can witness.  

You can observe.

You can be present to your highest self right here and right now.  

There are no more excuses.

The time is now.  The energies flowing through from the heavens will help you do that!

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