Embracing the Equinox: Igniting the Spark of Joy in Your Soul

What makes joy sometimes seem so elusive and yet when we see it and feel it, it literally jumps up and grabs you?

And on Friday we decided to have some fun blowing bubbles around the firepit. We didn’t wait to have some little kids around to play with the bubbles, we just jumped straight in!

There’s a reason that laughter medecine and laughter yoga are a thing. They are indeed very important things.

So amidst all of the seriousness of grounding in energies, don’t forget to add some joy in there as well!

We also did the Walking Meditation with Dr Joe Dispenza and some people had some very profound insights into their life. The initial 30 min of qi gong to precede the walking meditation added a great workout to it as well.

There is a lot to be said for Raising your vibration right now to feel and share the love, joy and happiness you would feel the change you desire and live it right now.  Over 140,000 people walked at the same time around the globe and that collective consciousness is something we can all continue to tap into.

Some of my favourite quote from the walking meditation :

“who will you be for the world? 

Who do you want to be when you open your eyes?

How will you love?

How will you lead in love?

Nothing changes until you change.

Be the change.

Demonstrate the change.

Live the change.

Become the change.

Fall in love with your change.

Forgive your change.

Let go and change.

You are part of the whole, you are wholeness in parts.”

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