Green Tara Mantra

Green Tara Mantra

Om Tara Tuttare Ture Soha

I really want to thank Karuna for continuing to share her wisdom with the community!

This one particularly speaks to me as everyone time I chant this mantra something amazing always seems to happen.

" I expect you know more than me of the widespread involvements and follow ups from the big conjunction and Ularu ceremony.

Another one is that Tibetans were involved and next week a thousand people are traveling to a Buddhist monastery near Mangrove Mountain for 10 days of Tara mantra 24/7” Karuna

So what is the Tara Mantra?

And how can you get involved if you don’t live on a mountaintop in Tibet?

So first let’s look at what the mantra translates:

Meaning of Mantra : OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA Green Tara Mantra is actually a loving play with her name OM is the sound of universe. So the mantra could be rendered as “OM! O Tara! I entreat you, O Tara! O swift one! Hail! 

There are many different colours of the goddess Tara, Green and White are the most commonly used mantras.

"Within Tibetan Buddhism Tara is regarded as a Bodhisattva of compassion and action who manifests in female form. Tara means "star" in Hindi. Tara is also known as the saviour, as a heavenly deity who hears the cries of beings experiencing misery in samsara." Meditative Mind

When I think of Tara, I immediately think of Quan Yin as they both represent the feminine compassion model but there are differences.

Here’s an in-depth article has a great description of what Quan Yin represents vs Tara

I highly encourage you to do your own chants outloud! Just listening isn’t nearly as impactful as your voice up to the heavens and spreading the words of compassion that Tara represents.

Here are 2 great videos you can chant to if you feel so inclined.

Buddhist monks chanting Green Tara

Deva Premal singing Om Tara

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