Happiness 101

Happiness 101

What is happiness? Is it as the standard definition says, “the state of being happy”?

And what does that even mean?

Is it glass half full versus half empty?

No, I like the Greek definition of happiness according to Oprah’s happiness guru Shawn Anchor, who describes the,  “Greek definition of happiness: The joy we feel when striving toward our potential. In the science of happiness, we are not studying fleeting pleasure, but a greater, more important sense of joy and fulfillment.”

Now, that is something I can wrap my head around.

How you CAN choose to be happy.

How you CAN choose to find deeper meaning in your everyday existence.

How you CAN choose to be grateful for the blessings in your life right now.

How you CAN choose to FEEL the endless love that is all around you.

Your search for happiness will most certainly lead you to a search for deeper meaning in your life and that, my friend, is the key.

What’s your definition of happiness?

How connected do you feel to earth & sky?

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