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Tassie Hemp Oil

Tassie is the ultimate cool climate location in Australia for hemp products.  This helps to retain all the antioxidants and powerful anti-inflammatory compounds of hemp.

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Aussie Legends Hemp Oil

Aussie Legends Natural Hemp

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Eat, Play, Hemp

Yes, it is possible to eat and drink your hemp.  Honey, drinking chocolate, and protein powder oh, my!  

So much goodness in great tasting food !

There's so much potential in how we assimilate the most powerful superfoods into our diet and hemp is one of the greatest resources legally available at the moment.  In Australia as in most countries hemp is regulated much less than CBD oils and totally legal as a food supplement with no THC in the mix.  Finding the highest quality producer to bring the full qualities of this superfood has been a long endeavour here at the Vortex.

We have both personally been using many different forms of hemp and CBD oils depending on what we have legally been able to access, but there's no doubt that having a source that's reasonably priced and can be incorporated into the diet with your food is a great way to add this superfood into your diet.

We've experimented with all of the various flavours and types and have our definite favourites!

I highly encourage you to experiment as well because the nutritional qualities of these products is extremely high.

Here are just a few of the properties of hemp oil:

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