Uncover the Hidden Messages Your Body is Sending You

We got a chance to talk to Brenda Lainof today about her healing work and we hit subjects from dealing with near death experiences, how she got started with her light language work, and even about the trauma of PTSD from the past few years and how it can manifest in the body.

A bit about Brenda:

Brenda worked in corporate world for over three decades and struggled with many health issues that ultimately affected her career, relationships, and life in general.  From being on disability, multiple surgeries and near death experiences, somethings had to change!

It was her near-death experience with cardiac arrest when Brenda knew, without a doubt, she had to make some drastic, immediate changes in her life.

“Sometimes it takes a huge hit by the Universe to make you listen!”

Those experience have shaped (and continue to shape) Brenda’s self discovery journey and have fueled her passion to learn holistic approaches to empower herself and others to be their best selves in business and in life. 

You can reach her at www.brendalainof.com or email her directly at lainofbrenda49@gmail.com

This was an interested chat. Have a listen, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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