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7 Days to Feel Better and to Find Peace.

Sounds impossible but you have to start somewhere.

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A walk through the Vortex Healing Centre and an opportunity to meet Tassie Sue, one of the 13 Grandmothers of Australia and Blon, Barbara Longue.

"Finding peace and harmony in your life no matter where you are essential.  It's all about being aware right here right now."

What Others Say


The vortex is an incredibly special place. The energy here is quite stunning and must be felt in person to believe it.

Jane L



Doing qi gong and meditations with Blon & Sue was instrumentable in my healing journey after a brain tumour.

Liz D

Qi Gong Practitioner


I called the Vortex Healing Centre when I was researching vortexes in Tasmania and I found a completely new way of looking at my own life and profound peace after working directly with Blon.



Sue Christiansen

Grandmother Sue has been working with earth energies and has been an "earth-keeper" for many years working the land here in Tasmania as well as visiting many sacred sites around the planet.

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To Feel Better and to Find Peace

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