Is there an “Antidote” for Long Covid?

Highly controversial interview with Dr Bryan Ardis about his protocol for long covid.

I found it quite compelling and fascinating to see the depth of clinical research links to in the video.

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Here are my notes from the video. Do your own research and don’t stop learning.

If you are suffering from long covid, or have had odd symptoms since you had covid (as I have), it’s worth exploring…

The Antidote: The Explosive Truth, Origin, and Antidote for Covid-19

Jason Shurka & Dr Bryan Ardis

60 second summary of this 2hr 30 min interview

Dr Richard Bartlett ER doctor Odessa TX

Regeneron is a monoclonal antibody that worked 100% against Ebola & Covid 19

Remdesir killed more test patients with ebola than the disease itself, also known by brand name of Veklury – avoid at all costs

Antibiotics don’t treat viruses and have in fact negative effect

Covid’s genetic origin is actually from 2 different snakes: Chinese crate snake and King cobra snake (2 original sources Chinese & French genetic testing Jan 2020)

Bat virus came up a month after the genetic testing proved this was snake venoms

Antivenom for covid-19 and long covid symptoms are:

  1. Nicotine patches (14g cut into 6-8 strips, use 1 daily)
  2. Zinc
  3. Vit C – consider high dosage IV Vitamin C
  4. NAC
  5. Add water filters: Reverse Osmosis then Distill
  6. Melatonin (if needed – babies already have much higher % of this hormone in their bodies which is why they weren’t infected as easily as adults to Covid – 19)
  7. EDTA
  8. Eating healthy to raise body ph above 7.5 (alkaline)
  9. Infrared Sauna over 130F

(Animal toxins attack the nicotine receptors in the body which are spread throughout the entire body which explains why so many different symptoms are reflected).

Dr Ardis’s Long term Covid protocol:

  • Stop all Magnesium supplements for at least 3 months (they bind with the DNA plasmids to activate the spread and mulitiplication inside the cells within the body.
  • Nicotine 2 mg up to 4x day

Foods naturally containing nicotine (nicotine is not addictive, it’s the supplements added to cigarettes that are addictive and carcinogenic).

  Night Shade Family of Vegetables

  1. Tobacco
  2. Eggplant
  3. Celery
  4. Cauliflower
  5. White Potatoes
  6. Green Tomatoes 10x more than Red Ripened Tomatoes

Talk around the world of another possible covid variation and pandemic linked to Ebola & Marburg virus.

Both new viruses target TPC2 receptors

Antidote for TPC2 inhibitors: Negarinin which is found in:

  1. Grapefruit
  2. Tomatoes/Tomato Paste
  3. Lemons
  4. Tangerines
  5. Zinc
  6. Vit C
  7. Glutathione
  8. NAC
  9. EDTA
  10. Stop any magnesium supplements for 3 months

In summary, we’ve always known that we need to eat good healthy fruits and vegetables.  Alkalize the body, EDTA to detox if needed, eat healthy fruits and vegetables.

According to Dr Ardis, if you have any long covid symptoms, start with nicotine, and stop magnesium supplementation.  Eat the healthy foods listed, consider zinc, vit C, NAC supplementation under the guidance of your physician.

Again, this is quick recap from the video. Do your own research.

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