July Global Healing Meditation

2016-03-28 07.11.19-2We’ve been in the midst of massive energetic openings, and this meditation helped everyone get what they needed on a deeply spiritual level.

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Here’s the transcript of the day:

“We’re busy in this whole ascension process doing this massive experiment that enables the whole planet and us to ascend to the higher realms but to do that our body obviously needs to be upgraded and at a much higher vibration than it is, and a lot of people like me and quite a few other people are starting to bail out because they don’t want to stay in this body.

Karuna: I’m not bailing out, I’m just challenged!

TassieSue: I didn’t mean specifically you, but people who are plagued with degenerative problems that will increase as time goes on.  A lot of light workers have been bailing out on the subtle levels.  OK I’ve had enough I want a new body when it does happen.

So I don’t know how much the body can regenerate, but I’m assuming it can regenerate at 100% because if the DNA codes get high enough or if the DNA codes are activated enough to heal completely, this will be a very hard process.

It’s going to be quite painful I would assume.

But again, we have free will in all of this.

So today we’re going to exercise our free will today and I want you all to get comfortable.

Quan Yin is sitting here looking at me…

Now that I’ve glued her head back on.

Ok we will begin as always by just centering ourselves and taking some nice deep breaths.

Connecting with the centre of the earth and the Centre of the Universe, merging mother and father in our hearts.

Connecting the mother and the father in our higher heart and our physical heart, allowign these beautiful energies to spread right throughout our body.

At the next big deep breath, we’re going to send the energies up through out 8th chakra, our crown chakra to our higher self and ask our higher self to fully participate within us.

You should feel an instant rush of warmth as your higher self joins you.

When we do this we are in a minimum of 5th dimension and all things become possible, but as always as (light) workers we forget to ask for ourselves, so today we’re asking for a smooth transition into our higher light bodies.

May the repair work to our physical become complete with the minimum of disruption to our daily lives.

We ask that all our DNA codes that are ready to fire be activated to help us complete this move with ease and grace.

When in this state with our higher self fully communicating with us, we’ll only get what is perfect for us at this time.

We ask also that many of the indigos that are still inactive and have a lot to give, we ask that they become active so that we can increase the energy, so that we can increase the vibration of our planet.

We also ask for as smooth as possible of a transition for our dear Mother Gaia.

And remember now our healing gifts have increased dramatically so we ask that you do use them.

Especially with those that come to you.

We’re actually sitting in a triangle today, normally we sit in a circle.

In a pyramid shape.

And there’s a ball of purple energy, or three or more balls of purple energy going from one person to another. It may be different for you, so ask to see these balls and how they’re travelling.

And wow, there’s just been a huge beam of pink light that’s come spiralling down, it has a big deep red light that spirals in the centre.

We’ve been doing a lot of work on thes serpent and the winged serpent and the connection to that and amongst this deep red is the winged serpent.

I want you to ask your higher self now for an explanation of this energy, and I’ll leave you for a while.

[2 min silence]

I want you to ask your higher self now for an explanation of this energy and I’ll leave you for a while.

[6 min silence]

You take a slightly deeper breath now, and Quan Yin has asked me to say this or offer this up as a prayer in our nightly or daily thoughts.  We ask that all of our physical ailments stay on the plane where they were created.

We ask that our light body and our physical body vibrates at the level of our consciousness.

We also have a monk that has joined us here today, he’s showing something on his right hand.

He’s saying it’s also possible to instruct your body now and if you have any green calcite, it is the way to instruct or program your body.

I’ll get you to start doing some nice deep breaths, holding absorbing and accepting the energies and the programing we have done today.

We have to create the body we want.

And as Karuna says we have to create it on the other level, we have to reside on the higher levels in order to rise above the physical.

Quite insistent this monk.

Ok, so some nice deep breaths.

Bringing yourself totally back to right here, right now.”


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