Do You Know What’s Happening on Rapa Nui in June?

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​It happened late last year when I was meditating, one of the Easter Island Heads, turned around and turned toward me and said "Come."  Well that was certainly an invitation I couldn't refuse.

I checked my pendulum for the best time and it said winter solstice.  So here I am, on my way to Rapa Nui or Easter Island for the winter solstice. ​ So I was then shown a video, which I almost never watch, and right at the very end, it said, "it starts and it ends with Easter Island"  And the whole video was about the Hoop.  I thought that's interesting.

Its only been in the last few days, that I've put it all together.  

And many of the native traditions say that the world will change when the Hoop is complete.

I always thought they referred to the Hoop through Sedona and the Mexican areas, but it turns out  but it wasn't, It's a hoop through all the major energy centres around the planet.

In a past life, I was an earth keeper​ in Rapa Nui.  Jane & Maria & I will be heading off next Saturday.

The Hoop coming together will be a huge celebration if it actually takes place this year.

Stay tuned here and we'll let you know how to connect up.​

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