Let The Flow Be With You

Letting Go

10th Jan 2020

Uranus will finally go direct and come out of retrograde.

This will create great opportunities for those who can let go of the past.

Stay open and receptive to transformation.

Translation: Letting go. Even More.

Opening the Song Lines

11th Jan 2020 11:11 am

We’ll be sending out a meditation for you to play at 11:11 am your time

We’ll create a wave around the planet as the song lines around the planet open up and flow.

Full moon with solar winds at our backs, and a lunar eclipse so the energies will continue to accelerate.

Bringing in the Magenta Codes:

This is actually the marriage of the divine masculine and divine feminine in the 8th chakra. .

For anyone who hasn’t finished the work, you will be given a “nudge” over the coming days.

Translation: Look out!

This is all facilitated by the Pluto Saturn conjunction that is removing the old and bringing forward the new simultaneously.

Translation: Keep Letting Go, Let the Flow Be With You

This will help as well to clear the remaining song lines around the planet, allowing all of the plants and animals to communicate with Mother Earth on an even deeper level and hopefully allow the humans to understand what the plants and animals are telling us.

Uluru as the big solar plexus of the planet is a major energy vortex that is coming back online in the coming days as well.

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