Lion’s Gate DNA Upgrade

Here's a transcript of the Meditation.

We’ll start as we always do by taking some nice deep breaths.

Drawing deeply from the centre of the earth and the centre of the Universe.

Drawing it into our higher heart, fully expanding the top of the chest.

And then filling it up a little more.

Three nice big deep breaths.

Bringing yourself into alignment with the mother and the father and the being you have become from the two of them.

As many of you know, we are now in the middle of the Lion’s Gate Portal. And that is alignment between the sun and the Earth and Sirius. Most of us on this planet now have started our journey from Sirius. It is our ruling planet, and it is the planet ruling the ascension process.

So the energies can’t get any more direct than that at the moment as Mother, Father and Sirius are all in alignment. This means that the more we breath in that energy, the more we activate our DNA to become what we are to become.

Quan Yin showed me a long time ago when we first setup the Vortex, my dear friend Junitta and I brought the energy back from Egypt. And as Junitta downloaded it, it became and egg, and as the egg, incubated in the vortex, Quan Yin rose from that egg.

And she has been governing our vortex ever since.

Now this energy that was downloaded was Sirian.

And so we can only assume that Quan Yin is of a Sirian descent as well.

She’s coming today bearing gifts.

She’s asking me to take you to the City of Light and we sit around the fountain and watch the rainbows form.

Once we sit quietly, Quan Yin will come to you.

I’ll call for you in a little while.

/Long Pause/

It’s time to take another deep breath, and bring yourself back to the fountain in the City of Light.

As we’re sitting there, soft gentle mist of water from the fountain settles over us and we become the rainbow light.

We are sitting within.

This is a wonderful place to come when you’re feeling down and out and simply feel the rainbow energy flowing to each and every cell, clearing, and healing...

And activating the DNA to heal itself.

But now it’s time to return so we take some nice deep breaths grounding ourselves fully in the here and now,

Still connected with the Mother & the Father,

Still connecting with the Rainbow Energy.

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