Longing for home…

The Longing for Home

 I’ve talked with

many people who have described to me perfectly that homesickness and

longing for “home”, of that otherworldly, other-dimensional

space where infinite love exists. They may have found that “space”

during meditation or ayahuasca or a near-death experience or simply a

remembrance of what lies beyond the veil of human consciousness.

 And that longing is

very much part of what is often called a symptom of the ascension

process. As your consciousness awakens even further, it can bring a

strong desire to have the perfect feeling of love and light than many

have felt on “the other side”.

But I ask you to

look more closely at what this is. The longing for home as many call

it is more of an invitation for you to bring your highest awareness to THIS

space to right here, right now. Your infinite self is fully able to

show you that your time is up, and you do go to that next dimension,

but until that time, your infinite self still wants you to BE


 BE present here.

 So instead of longing to go back there or over there beyond the veil. Think about

why you are still here. Someone, YOU, in your highest form still

wants you here. And while you may have accomplished many things in

your lifetime and achieved many awakened moments, your highest self

still has plans for you right here.

 So instead of

fighting the notion that this realm isn’t “as enlightened” or

isn’t “as aware” as you would like it to be, accept the fact

that you are HERE for a reason and you are HERE to bring even more of

your highest self and your memories of the perfect love to this


To THIS time. 

To right here, right now.

 Your highest self is

asking you to shine your brightest light out to the world, those who

are ready to see, will see and appreciate you for who and what you

are; an enlightened eternal being sharing a human existence.

 After my head injury,

 I spent a lot of time in another dimension. It was a space of infinite love

and light, peace and harmony. And it was always a crash bang to

return to the present where my physical body was struggling to do

even the most ordinary of tasks and dealing with massive pain in my

head and neck. I asked myself quite regularly why? Why would I want

to remain in this place where the pain was so significant and even more

importantly where I felt that love felt so small compared to how deep and powerful the infinite love felt “over there”.

I wondered why in the world I was still here when the infinite dimension held so much

beauty love and peace.

The answer has taken

me numerous months to formulate. My understanding is that this dream

we live as human beings is a dream we can awaken from at any time.

But we as our highest self has chosen to continue imagining that we

don’t remember, imagining that we aren’t totally aware and

watching the story play out in the same way we watch movies or

Netflix and binge on the stories. We are the story. The truth is

that this infinite love does exist, and we play this human game to

amuse ourselves with how the story will play out this time.

 Your infinite self

wants you to keep playing the game of rediscovering over and over

again that you are the enlightened one. You are the awakened one.

It’s like falling in love over and over again. We never actually

tire of the story.

 So if you think

you’re tired of this life, just remember, there’s a happy ending

that you already know exists. Where your infinite light and love will

be remembered and you will rejoice. 

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