Love Energy Into the Grid

Catstone stone of Divisions

The Catstone or Stone of Divisions Uisneach

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Our Guide to meet Eriu at Uisneach

Our visit to Ireland introduced us to the Goddess Erie from which Ireland got it’s name Eire and she made her appearance in our meditation this past weekend and took you all to Ireland to meet her.

She came with a very strong message to connect your energies with love to the grid above and below.

The journey on this meditation takes us to the centre of Ireland to a connection with the goddess Eriu and a place of pure love. The outpouring of love and connecting to people with compassion. The only way to overcome fear which is the greatest drawback to everything, the greatest barrier to growth is to do the opposite, which is love.

Now take one combined breath and actually send your heart love into the gridline above and the diamond grid below. I want you to watch what that one breath can achieve. You’ll see the light grow through the grid both above and below and that’s just your light.

I want you to realise how little it takes to change, if we all do this at least once/day can you imagine the difference this little breath will make?

My own heart energy is expanding.  What do you feel?

This is what we can do to nurture the planet back to health.

Artist Patsy Preston made this amazing sculpture Here are a few of her words “. Uisneach is one of my favourite places, I always feel especially connected to the land there. I created the large Goddess sculpture up on the Hill and left it purposely ambiguous and somewhat androgynous. I had originally planned to make a representation of Ériu, but as two other artists where already creating sculptures of Ériu I decided to let my piece be left open to interpretation by the viewer. The name Danu came into my head most of the dime during the process of making the sculpture so to me and those that helped create her she is always Danu. Others think of her as Ériu and yet others as Lugh”

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