Magenta Codes Meditation Download

This is a very important meditation with a complex set of possibilities and energies for you to connect with.

First, the magenta codes are bringing the divine masculine and divine feminine into alignment in each of us.

So tune into that first as it is a way to complete the cycle of doubt in many.

And you will probably also feel connection with Mother Earth and the Song Lines and we ask you to continue that work as much as possible as the planet needs YOU.

We got this text from Jo after the meditation:

Here's what Jo wrote to us 

after the meditation.

"I've just finished this. The energy from the meditation finally stopped the intense tightening I was experiencing for weeks in my heart and allowed the gold in to flow from above.

The magenta has been with me for sometime now but has intensified in the past month.

The higher heart is the orb above (My version but no idea if that is accurate) I can now do the work in service of others now there's balance within my own heart again."

magenta codes
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