Meditation Recap

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from Global Members Healing
Meditation 7th April.
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After all the busy downloading we did in
March, it been even more intense in
April so far, we’ve had a lot of
pineal adjustments which means a
lot of crown chakra adjustments and
mood swings and headaches and

all the rest of the stuff that goes with it.

We’ll get into our meditation position, nice, relaxed.

Take some nice deep breaths.

As always, we connect to the
centre of the earth with our
breath and drawing the beautiful
energies from the earth through all of our
chakra systems and into the higher heart.
3 nice deep breaths really expanding the
higher chest, pushing it out as far as it

goes and then a little bit more.

Then we do 3 deep breaths from the
centre of the Universe drawing down from
the Galactic Centre and beyond to the
Great Central Sun to the Creator of
all that is.
Merging the energies of the mother and the
father in our higher heart forming a
pranic tube of protection, then we draw
from the mother and the father which
activates the energy for us to use in the
way in which we choose to use it.
I want you to visualize yourself sitting
on the ground outside under the
beautiful warm sun, and with your eyes
closed, I want you to sense the rainbow
colours that are coming in through you
now from the sun.
Our vibration has reached a high
enough level to actually refract the
light from our chakras, so a lot of people
now will be wearing a rainbow aura.
In fact today we are going to take
hold of the rainbow and pass it down
through our crown chakra and
spiral it down around our spinal column
and when we reach the base,
we’re going to come up through our spinal cord.
This is just to trigger for a few of the
codes that haven’t been set off

to assist in our healing of the physical.

And as we let this settle, we take the
rainbow again through our 3rd eye
and do a figure eight around our

heart with the rainbow colours.

We then take the rainbow colours
in and out around the chakra system
or we could actually take it down to
our earth star and up to our 8th chakra
so it is spiraling like a serpent and i
t does become a true rainbow serpent.
This is just help for the physical body
to adjust and handle the vibrations a lot better.
It will awaken any errant DNA codes
that haven’t opened as they should.
As we’ve done this we can now
visualize our pranic tube full of rainbow light.
As we visualize ourselves still sitting on the ground, we know that beautiful energy is also being gifted to the mother and the father.
And today is mostly about adjusting, what you can do is send that rainbow energy out there to anyone who needs it. I know there are plenty out who could use a little bit of extra help for those who need it.
I will call for you shortly.
I want you all to take a nice deep breath again, a combined breath from mother & Father, fully expanding the higher heart, fully expanding and sending it out as far as you wish it to go.
Your awareness becomes like a radar now and you will sense whatever is coming.
You need to put yourself into a state of listening regularly and check our radar.
Know that as you’ve learned to do this, we’re connecting to those we love as well, and when we feel our radar, we feel theirs.
It’s time to act on our inner prompts, when you think of someone, call them.
And now we just keep breathing deeply, breathing the beautiful rainbow energy, reinforcing our pranic tube.
Breathing in deeply until you’re fully back, fully grounded, tingling with the rainbow energy.
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