Megalithic Tour Launceston

Rock Pathway to the Stars?

Gary Martin Leads Hoo Hoo Tour

We did some exploring in the Launceston area recently, looking for ancient megalithic sites that may have special energies from a long gone era.

It was a great day but raised even more questions then we actually recieved answers!

We joined up with Gary Martin at the Hoo Hoo Hut in Trevallyn which surrounds the Cataract Gorge and is right next some amazing energetic spots.

The start of the tour had us investigating some amazing old half burnt trees in the area, that were actually large enough to walk into.

Another tree nearby had fallen over with a massive half bunt out stump remaining and the energy inside the stump almost knocked you forward in the direction of a tumbled stone circle.  The new circle was clearly recently laid out, but there were many unique rock formations in the circle that could easily have formed something like a column at some time.

Former colums?
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