Mini Mindfulness Moments

Mini mindfulness moments

I’ve been volunteering recently at the St Helens Child and Family Centre because I remember so vividly the days when my kids were little and I felt pulled in so many ways to do 100 things at once. And I was hoping I could help the parents find some peace, quiet and calm in their life.

It’s fantastic that mothers are rated of the best multi-taskers on the planet, and I was one of the best multi-taskers ever. The downside was as I continued to give and give, was that I often put myself down on the very bottom of the list. As in “when I’ve finished feeding the kids and doing laundry, THEN I’ll stop and take care of myself.” Or When I’ve finished driving the kids around to play days and soccer practice THEN I’ll have minute to myself.” or “When the kids take a nap, THEN I can sit down and take a break.”

Truthfully, I did plan time for myself, but I rarely took it. And I never believed people when they advised me to plan in my own “Me-time”. I thought there’s so much that needs done, I should just keep doing more.

Boy was I wrong! And that is the main reason I wanted to volunteer at the Family Centre. I wanted to help parents of young children learn how to take a moment out of their day to practice meditation and mindfulness. To learn now how to deal with the stress of being a parent, to learn now how to honour ourselves as we honour our families.

To learn how to create this practice as a daily habit, I’ve decided to call it Mini Mindfulness Moments (MMM) as we try to do each meditation in  only 3 minutes.

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So the question is: can you take 3 min right now to listen and create your own Mini Mindfulness Moment?

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If not now when?

If you can’t imagine a time, you need more help than you realize!

I would love to hear what happens when you create more and more Mini Mindfulness Moments in your week, in your day, in your life.

I know it’s transformed how I view the world.

I would love to hear how it’s changed you.

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