Music For the Forests

Note from Junitta Valak:

cartoon image of bright trees in forest

I hope that this linked Flier inspires you to also have Gatherings to show appreciation to all Forests around Gaia. We are losing ancient Forests at an alarming rate, these are our carbon ‘factories’ and we are destroying what we need most to battle Climate Change.

I wonder how many of us actually think when we pick up a book, read a magazine/newspaper, write a letter on paper that a tree has been sacrificed for our needs?

It would be great if someone could invent a substitute for wood.
Trees are sentient beings that have feelings – check out ‘ Supernature by Lyall Watson, The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, Communications With Nature by Michael Roads, Plants Are Like People by Jerry Baker, The Secret Powers of Plants by Brett Bolton, any of the Findhorn publications and one of the latest books to be released is The Hidden Life Of Trees by Peter Wahlleben. This excellent one is available from our local Foster Library.

Our Music For The Forest on the 19th in our Sth Gippsland Forest is intended to reach out and connect with all Forests on Gaia, it will be the microcosm of the macrocosm. We will be playing, singing and dancing our thanks to the trees that day.

Maybe you are wondering how we will do this? Did you know that Forests have WWW ie a world wide (underground) web called mycelium, this stretches out for miles, there is an enormous one in China that goes for hundreds of miles. Think of this when you nest go mushrooming.

Just sitting under a tree can be very peaceful so next time you do this, give the Tree a hug by way of thanks to all it gives us including all the animals, birds and insects that call the tree HOME.

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