Mystical Ireland

Quick recap of our trip to
Mystical Megalithic Ireland

Blon had hired a private tour guide for our first big day of exploring.
On the agenda was, Knowth, Newgrange, Dowth and Four Knock.

Anthony Murphy was our guide and he has done extensive study on these amazing places, both physical and spiritual.

A wealth of knowledge and good company! Anthony has written a number of books connecting the astronomical knowlege of this ancient people.

It seems only 1 book is available
on Here's the link.

He has 5 other books and one more on the way.

Knowth was first stop on our list.  Here were many tombs under huge rounded earth mounds. Knowth
has the largest amount of ancient megalithic drawings in Europe. The site consists of 1 very large passage tomb and at least 18 satellite tombs.  I say at least 18 because it's clear that excavation of the surrounding area could easily find additional sites.

One large tomb we could get into and explore a bit.

What took my eye straight away was an old wooden Henge.
(circle of trees, or what was left of the trees).  This was now a setup of wooden posts to replicate the original posts.

As I entered I got quite light headed and dizzy, a combination of jet lag and a familiar energy of a Vortex. I found that it was very similar to the Tasmanian vortex in that it was made of concentric rings of clockwise/anti clockwise energy.

I asked if it was connected to Tasmania as it felt so familiar, no answer as usual but as I walked out I was directly in front of one of the kerner stones, the drawings on the stone were of a huge serpent and its tail was on a spiral!

There was my answer!

The Tassie vortex is on the tail of the great rainbow Serpent!!

A fabulous trip that ended in a fairy tale wedding, and a celebration in a typical Irish Pub. 

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Sundial at Knowth

knowth, mystical ireland

Sue & Blon at Knowth Bru Na Boinne

Blon & Sue at Newgrange

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