New Copper Pyramid Arrives at the VHC

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I had ordered the parts from India more than 3 years ago, but only just found someone, Karuna, willing to figure out how construct the rest of the pyramid without breaking the bank.

I wanted something big and stable that could be left outdoors and choose the 1 inch copper tubing.  THe freight to get it all to Tasmania was so high, I though I could save some money but buying the pipes in Australia and shipping the angled parts from India.

Boy was I wrong,  turns out 1 inch copper pipe is not common in Australia and would need to be special ordered in Launceston AND it costs a fortune!

Three years later, I finally mentioned this project and showed Karuna the parts when she was visiting and she thought she could source and adapt something from suppliers in Hobart.  Another few months passed and with some fiddling Karuna had an ideo on how to adapt narrower copper pipes and add some fittings on each end to get it all to work together.

And what a miracle it is!

We used the exact ratio of height to base as the Great Pyramids in Giza.  This came from a long spreadsheet supplied by the Indian company with additional inch/metric conversions which kept it interesting all the way through this process!

The result is absolutely stunning!  We choose 2 metre square base with slightly shorter lengths to make the total height approx 50 inches – High enough to sit inside on a chair and have the copper capstone sit right on your head!  OMG that was a major added benefit we hadn’t counted on.

I kept thinking that a base of 2 metres was going to get me a height of 2 metres, but I was waaay off.. To keep the same ratio as the great pyramid (and this is where the exquisite copper fittings held everything in place perfectly)  the angle holding everything together in each corner had to be just right.

Crown Chakra Activation
Crown Chakra Activation

You can even lie down inside.

Come and check it out for yourself!.

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