New Year Energy Update

Welcome to the Vortex Healing Centre, our monthly meditation.

Today is a pre-recording, so

Sit back and relax.

Make yourself comfortable and know that this is the end of the year 2017 an incredible year of enormous growth and physical changes in our bodies emotional changes spiritual changes.


You name it we’ve been through the mill this year.


The energies have finally relaxed so,


I want you to take a deep breath in connecting to the centre of the Earth, drawing it in and bringing it up to your higher heart.


Totally expanding the top of your chest,

three deep breaths from the centre of the Earth.


You take 3 deep breaths from the centre of the Universe, the galactic centre is still open from the summer solstice of the Universe. The black hole is directly above the Vortex Healing Centre. It just adds a little bit more to the high energy that’s already here.


Drawing down these beautiful energies from our galactic sun, our galactic stargate.


The bottom of the southern cross, the most identifying feature in the souther sky.


Then we’ll 3 deep combined breaths from the centre of the earth and the centre of the Universe allowing the energies of the Mother and the Father to merge in our higher heart and as these energies come together, they become the essence of us, our own spiritual essence. We are the third part of the trinity.


Father, Mother, Son, Father, Mother, Daughter.


As you take these breaths, you’ll feel the warmth flooding through your body.


Also as our own energies are activated, we draw on the energies of our higher selves the greater part of us that isn’t incarnate.


However, it now flows freely into us with all of the releasing we’ve done over the years.


At the moment, the energy is still and it’s a blessing, the intensity of the past few days have been difficult to handle.


I know I’ve had a huge activation in my higher heart.


And I was so sensitive. Very difficult to do a thousand things. But now we have a few days to relax before the new begins. And now I would ask you to look back on the changes you have made in your life.


The opportunities that have come your way.


Ask yourself how have I changed?


Because this question we need to know the answer to, to go forward in 2018.


And 2018 holds the master vibration # 11.


So this is a mastering, manifestation, we won’t get a better chance to build what we want in our lives, so for some guidance we will go to the City of Light again.


Just mentally take yourself to the City of Light.


Your guides and Quan Yin and many of the masters are there and seek guidance or ask one of them to guide you.


I’ll call for you in a while.


3 min silence.


It’s time now to bring yourselves back to the Fountain in the City of Light.


Just allow all the water and the rainbows to drift slowly over you to cleanse and clear.


Know that you can always come here.


You can always ask for guidance with any of the beings that are here.


Now I ask you to take some nice deep combined breaths from the centre of the Earth and the Centre of the Universe, bringing you back to right here right now.


Ready to start the New Year and ready to let all of this pass before us, so that we start clear, clean and refreshed, 2018, the year of Master Manifesting.


So keep breathing deeply until you’re fully back, fully aware and awake.


If you enjoyed this meditation, please leave a comment and let us know what it meant for you.

  • Good morning Sue and Blon.
    Thanks for the meditation. It did really feel like the deep high energy quiet at the centre of the vortex. I couldn’t get a word out of anyone in the City of Light. Just a quiet, pervasive love and a huge amount of space even at the Fountain between each sparkling drop.. It is always different doing it at a different time – though so strong and beautiful. It will certainly stay with me especially as I work through the twelve holy nights. Thank you both again. The Mountain was gorgeous in moonlight and dance. Off for my morning swim now though it is a bit chilly.
    Heaps of love,

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