Unidentified Flying Visitors

I often head straight to the balcony when I first get out of bed to see what the sky looks like and whether or not it feels like a good day to record the mini mindfulness moments.

Imagine my surprise when I saw these flashing lights in the morning sky above darker clouds and right next to a normal simple cloud...

Sure does make you wonder...

Or maybe it confirms for you what you're seeing.

We'd love to know what you think it is...

The Peace of God

Insert Image The peace of God is shining in me now.That’s today’s thought of the day from lessons in miracles and it’s funny because autocorrect wanted to type in piece of God.Which is also true!My wish for you today is that you find your peace/piece of God.Its there.Always was.Always will be.Its not lost.Enter your text … Read more

Is there an “Antidote” for Long Covid?

Highly controversial interview with Dr Bryan Ardis about his protocol for long covid. I found it quite compelling and fascinating to see the depth of clinical research links to in the video. Click here to link to the video. Here are my notes from the video. Do your own research and don’t stop learning. If … Read more

Ecological Awakening: Shar Molloy Shares the Essence of Deep Ecology

We do a deep dive with Shar Molloy into deep ecology and how anyone can connect and support the Earth. Raising consciousness as an active part of how we can all particpate in this environemental planning makes perfect sense to me

6 Steps to BE Happy Every Day

1. BE Kind 2. Eat Healthy Food 3. Get Enough Sleep 4. Exercise More 5. Practice Gratitude 6. Spend Time with Loved Ones Practicing being happy means taking care of the basics just like these 6 steps. The more of them you can do everyday, the easier it becomes to feel happiness all the time. … Read more

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