10 Ways to integrate mindfulness

10 ways to integrate mindfulness and meditation and your daily life

  1. Take a 3minute mini mindfulness moment
  2. Stop and smell the roses, literally.
  3. Simply sit and notice your breath
  4. Repeat the mantra find one of your own or ask for guidance on a good one for you.
  5. Stop the car before you leave the driveway and noticed everything about that simple moment before you head out on your day.
  6. Before you get out of bed imagine what a perfect day would look like for you.
  7. Take a moment, close your eyes, and imagine a beautiful white ball of light and love in your heart and imagine it getting bigger until it feels like your whole body and beyond.
  8. Imagine yourself looking down on your physical body inside your body love, kindness and compassion.
  9. Send kindness and compassion to someone you believe it hurt you.
  10. kindness and compassion to someone wrong because you are always right…

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Massive band of energy surrounding the earth is visible.

For all those feeling grumpy and irritable, even though they are not, this will explain it!

There is a very high frequency energy belt circling the Earth. Similar to a solar flare but far more powerful than a XFLARE I t is wrapping around the planet rather than just areas as it passes, like flares do.

The thing is that no one can explain it. Where does it come from, what will it do???

No one knows. Some are predicting earth quakes due to the huge frequency that is raining over our planet. We act as conduits for the energy to enter the earth, so there is a lot of energy going into the planet as well as around it!

A massive "S" shaped curve is appearing.  

12/19/2016 large wave of energy from unknown source. Here's a YouTube link by Dutchsinse.

And here's a link to the original Univ of Wisconsin microwave chart that he refers to.

This summer solstice will be extraordinary experience for us.

Is this THE cosmic wave that has been predicted? There are many videos on you tube, dutchsinse being a scientific channel.

There are many saying this is the end times that has been predicted, even Stephen Hawkins agrees according to one clip I watched, some are predicting Jesus is returning.

As usual there is extremes in opinions , some are even predicting magnetic pole reversal.  

Will that mean 3 days of total darkness as some have predicted?​

Whatever is happening will be analysed and analysed. Being aware is a bonus but no one knows what is, or will happen.

All we can do is enjoy our Christmas, it will help to keep your good thoughts flowing.

I know my second chakra is very active, which puts me on alert.

What do you think it is?​

multi coloured map of the glob showing streams of coloured bands of precipitable water and energy

Check out the "S" streams of energy circulating vertically around the planet.

December is set to go out with a bang!

White Clydesdale horse showing pregnancy.

Cindy ready to drop her foal…

December is set to go out with a bang! Solar winds are creating an emotional roller coaster, the 12/12 portal is opening (and stays open until the 21/12). This is a last ditch effort to release all the junk we are still hanging on to. Remember, if we don’t release it, come the 1/1/1 we carry it with us thus restricting all of the benefits of the “new” decade of energies. A positive decade is upon us as the year 1 brings in the new. We are ready to create our new positive 9 year cycle, unless, of course, we don’t empty out the old!
Go ahead and feel whatever comes up this next 10 days and start the new, NEW!!!!

I am really hoping Cindy stops “hanging on” and releases her foal safely

Will be starting the group meditation in one hour a bit earlier for some as with just moved onto our summer time here in Australia. With the recent astrological an astronomical changes coming through…

Will be starting the group meditation in one hour a bit earlier for some as with just moved onto our summer time here in Australia.

With the recent astrological an astronomical changes coming through with the black moon I’ve committed to a new beginning as well

that is eliminating oh sugar from my diet.

Carbs including rice pasta which I love wine also love and I will do a three week cleanse to quit all sugar.

I hope your new beginning is easier than the one I’m approaching…

Spring Equinox on the Vortex

We are so excited about the Tourism Tasmania accreditation that we’re having a big open house here this weekend.

If you’d like a quick tour of a lot of the things that are been updated and changed here.

What hasn’t changed is the stunning Oceanview even on a misty cloudy day like today.

And we may be lucky enough to see the first waratahs popping open.

Merger of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies

This last meditation was incredibly special.

Here at the Vortex Healing Centre, we’ve been working very hard to



Everything we’ve all done is culminating in this momentous time for both the divine feminine and divine masculine to come into balance.