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Troy Payne Pain Free!

Troy Payne is an expert at…. you guessed it! Pain Management.
He’s the founder of PAYNE Relief and the authority and master of The Niblett Technique – an incredible healing and quick massage technique known only by a handful of people around the world.

What the Heck is Lucid Awakening?

What the heck is Lucid Awakening?

There’s something my original Sifu for Qi Gong told me nearly 13 years ago that’s been stuck in my brain since then.  He talked about how our dream state was really our awakened state and this life as we know it, was our dreamtime.

That led me to explore lucid dreaming for a number of years and a more intense focus on meditation as way to connect to that amazing zone that the subconscious reaches while we sleep.

But lately, it’s been clear to me that the time has come to connect to that infinite being that we all are, while we’re actually awake. The flip side of the lucid dreaming state.

The ability to connect to our infinite and incredibly powerful self while we experience the physical body in the present moment.

I’ve always known this was possible, but experiencing it right here right now is an added plus.

Instant creation.

No more karma, just a direct connection to infinity.

Maybe it sounds crazy still.

And maybe you’d like to join us for one of our weekend retreats where we’ll be exploring such questions…

Tomorrow is one such day so we’ll be incommunicato for the day.

We’re doing the retreat as a silent meditation for the day as most humans are still using their brains and trying to figure out things that have very few words and have even which really isn’t possible when you’re entering the quantum field of full lucid awakening.

The silence and peace that nature bestows on this special place makes it quite easy to slip into a day of exploring the inner workings of consciousness and the mind and the body and it can all come together as one.

That’s the good news.

The challenge is that the mind often still wants to work overtime and “figure things out”. Yet that’s often just not possible. The human brain is designed to be your supercomputer but it’s not able to comprehend the immensity of “infinity and beyond”…  It’s not able to comprehend the depth and breadth of our infinite consciousness. So giving it a task to do like watching the breath or focusing on one point has been a common meditation technique.

Lucid awakening takes these concepts one step further by integrating your infinite conscious self within the parameters of your limited body and simply “awakening” to that moment.  It’s already happening.

You already ARE that.

Lucid awakening is simply allowing yourself to see feel and explore those feelings through the eyes of your infinite self while noticing the finite self “doing and being”.

In any case, we’re having fun exploring.

Stop on by or link to us if this sounds interesting to you…


Pawns in the Game of Life; Cindy’s Story

Cindy’s Story ~ or pawns in the game of life.

I had been looking through Gumtree in the horses for sale section, even though I had no intention of getting a horse. I came across some local horses that were part Clydesdale (my favorite breed) and wrote down the number. I kept the number in my wallet for 3 months.

My Clydesdale mare had died a while ago and I missed the smell of a horse so badly. I have spent most of my life with horses and have been so happy because of this.

I eventually got around to calling the number, wouldn’t hurt to look I thought.

Probably already been sold anyway.

When I got there I was taken with the fillies but didn’t give the skinny ugly mare a decent look.

Sanity prevailed and I went home .

I had no facilities and I was too old to take on young, unhandled, big horses.

A month later I was asked to buy Cindy as the owner had hit a very rough spot in her life.

I did, so the skinny, ugly , horse came home with me.

We poured lots of food and care into Cindy and her health gradually improved.

She got bigger and bigger, and the foal inside her was enjoying the good food too..

He was well overdue but nature seemed to know he needed more nurture, ….

He arrived looking like a clydesdale, I was thrilled,!

He was a little bit weak in the legs but again, time, and more nutritious food into Cindy helped him grow, and grow,,….and grow.

I had always felt that Shiloh was supposed to be part of what our Vortex Healing Centre was morphing into, and so too the female peacock that arrived and stayed.

Cindy nourished Shiloh beautifully and he has grown into the most stunning looking horse that I have seen.

After 10 months I weaned him off Cindy’s milk and as he was getting bigger and stronger and starting to flex his muscles, he got gelded too.

Cindy, for the first time in 7 years was not pregnant or feeding,

She got her figure back, started to enjoy life again and looked for something that was missing, literally, she took herself out of the paddock, and went bush for a week.

She left Shiloh and looked for what was missing.

She has been a tough survivor, so I wasn;t worried about her.

She would come home when she was ready.

Well she didn’t, someone had seen her in a paddock and shut the gate, so whoever owned her could find her .

After a week I finally did, and bought her back home, but to a different paddock, with better fences.

I knew that I couldn’t cope with the two horses in different paddocks, but Cindy, being Cindy would just get out again.

After careful thought and many tears, I listed her on Gumtree, and had quite a few responses.

She behaved atrociously the first time someone looked at her, and left one of them very sore.

Hmmm I guess she doesn’t want to leave, but more were coming the next day. I warned them she may not be what they want.

When the second lot of people rang I knew this is where Cindy should go but the others rang first, hmmm what a dilemma, I tossed and turned all night, and woke up knowing something was up,

Cindy was a different horse, the one that I had grown very fond of, she behaved well and bonded immediately with the young girl who was to be her new owner.

She looked at me and said to my understanding, “this is what should have happened, I went looking for my new life as I knew our time was done, I gave you my son, as he has a role in your life, I am now free to find mine.”

She then turned and snuggled into the young girls arms and I knew she wanted this. She knew exactly what was going on and I do believe she chose these people for her fore ever home.

As I wipe my tears writing this, I figured that yes, I am just a Pawn in the game of Life!


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