009 Conformity Is Not An Option


Gabriela Jaye is the author of the new book A Square Peg, Conformity Is Not An Option.

This is a fascinating book that I literally couldn’t put down and read in a weekend.

We had the chance to interview Gabriela and get an understanding of how the book came about.

It’s a fascinating story of Gabriela’s life as a lightworker and the drama and challenge to be herself.


I think so many people will resonate with this book as it mimics many of the experiences I’ve personally had as well.


And the confirmation during the taping from the listeners make it very clear this will probably resonate with many of you as well.


Here’s a link to Gabriela’s website.

Please share your stories with here as well.

008 The Sound of Light, Sound Healing with Marguerita

Listen in as Marguerita Vorbioff shares with us the Sound of Light.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Marguerita for a few years now and I think you will be very impressed with her “performance” on the interview.

Marguerita Vorobioff is an author, international speaker, mindset mentor and light worker. Her passion is to empower others to reconnect with their true power and potential. She helps raise awareness and consciousness through the power of coaching and sound and energy healing.

After training as an opera singer for 15 years, she was led on an unexpected journey to discover her ability to raise peoples consciousness and help them heal through the power of her voice. Now she is a healing channel and uses her voice to help people reconnect with their divinity and power through sound healing and a variety of other powerful energy techniques.

Marguerita lives, works and plays on beautiful Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland with her husband, 3 dogs and 2 horses.


Marguerita is willing to offer all of our listeners a few eft abundance tapping training.

Click here for the details.

We hope you enjoy the interview, we’d love to hear your comments.

Do you sing in lightcode?


005 Pain Free with Troy Payne

Troy Payne is an expert at…. you guessed it Pain Management.
He’s the founder of PAYNE Relief and the authority and master of The Niblett Technique – an incredible healing and quick massage technique known only by a handful of people around the world.


This was fun! It turns out the Grandmother Sue uses a similar type of technique and was able to grill Troy on all the details about Troy’s healing technique.