Earthkeeper Barbara Susan Christiansen: 

The History of The Tasmanian Vortex Part 2

“ If you want adventure follow your inner voice! ”

  • Inspirational: this book will inspire you to follow your inner voice.
  • Spiritual: how to find and connect to nature all around you and the energy lines of the earth.


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5.0 out of 5 stars

An Illuminating read for the spiritual seeker !!!

This book will help those who want to see, see.

Michael Kraneis

An excellent read, I couldn’t put it down. A wonderful insight into the life of a ‘Vortex Keeper’

I was blessed to be a part of the Rapa Nui trip, it changed me deeply. Bless you Sue for your very valuable contribution to Humanity’s Ascension.

Jane Lindsey

In this book you will discover:

How to follow your inner promptings

Most people are very busy looking for advice and guidance from outside when the truth is they need to get better at listening to their own inner voice.

Walk the path to sacred sites around the planet

Journey with Sue as she visits sacred sites around the energy and feel for yourself the energies as you read.

Why your own story of awakening is so important

Your own story of awakening is there if you listen.

Why the energy grids are so important

The energy needs to flow smoothly around the planet.

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