Peace Meditation

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Peace Meditation

Start with 3 deep breaths from the centre of the earth, drawing deeply from Dear Mother Gaia. Bringing in the beautiful pure energy of the mother.

Activating our earth star and drawing it up into our higher heart.

Then we do 3 deep breaths from the centre of the Universe, drawing it down from all there is.

Activating our soul star and drawing it down through our pineal, activating our pituitary and down into our higher heart. Fully expanding the top of our chests as far as it goes, and then a little bit more.

Now we do 3 combined breaths, drawing from the centre of the earth and the centre of the universe combining the energies of the mother and the father in our heart. Activating our own divine self so we have our trinity and we are in the highest possible state we can be, allowing our higher self to fully integrate through us.

We should be feeling the softness and the warmth now as we combine all our highest energies.

We also call in the energy of Quan Yin and Archangel Michael.

Send the energies to the 4 directions, north, south, east and west.

Completely enfolding our planet on this beautiful heart energy.

We ask that our brothers and sisters join us and we ask that all of the beautiful pure energy gets sent through the grid above and below totally encasing our beautiful planet in divine heart energy.

Many of our star brothers have been waiting to be called in to us to help.

We do this now knowing we are heading for very turbulent times as a lot gets released very quickly as not only the solar flares but the lunar eclipse, full moon

So there will be a lot of negativity released from people.

Some will choose to act upon it and some will choose just to release.

So as we are connected totatlly with our planet, the grids, and our star brothers and sisters.

At the moment I am holding a new crystal I got recently that is called cintamani. It originally came from Sirius and it’s pulsing very strongly.

The Sirians are with us tonight. One in particular is showing me his beautiful 3rd eye with a diamond. I’m asking him to beam it into the grids to help people think clearly, see clearly, and act clearly and …

We ask for truth be the major thing through everybody’s mind now.  We ask that they question things before they act.

We ask that they breathe deeply and draw from this beautiful divine heart energy flowing around our grids at the moment.

We also have the energy of Mother Gaia working very strongly with us at the moment, it’s like she’s exuding a haze around her as she protects all of the inhabitants, the animals, the plants, the people.

We ask you to sit quietly in this beautiful divine heart and continuously send it out to the grids above and below. Joining with all the beings who are here to help us out.

Keep breathing into the grid.

We ask now that all the grandmasters protect us and guide us continually through these next few month. Helping us to see our reason, our truth and our love for our fellow inhabitants of this planet.

We have Metatron, Melchezidik and way up high we have Enoch.

They work with sending out love and clear beautiful light into our grids.

Because we have asked for truth and love and clarity and for help and guidance.

They ask that we keep sending this on and off whenever we think of doing it, please just do it.

A few deep breaths in sending it out into the grids.

We ask that the people who are working here on Earth can do the same.  All the light workers, all the people working with peace & harmony, we need to make this a mass effort.

And we need to be positive it will work.

With the team we have behind us, it surely will.

I ask you now to take a few more deep breaths drawing in that beautiful divine love, filling each and every cell, expanding it through your aura, sending it down into the earth and up into the Universe.

Please share this with someone who needs to hear this right now.

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