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Unlock Your Inner Peace: Diamond Lotus Meditation for Mindful Bliss
The Sneaky Fruit Juice Mistake That Spikes Your Blood Sugar
We've been doing a deep dive into what increases your healthspan, not just your lifespan.  Improving your body's ability to[...]
Winter Solstice Magic: Unlock the Power of the Longest Night
Winter Solstic and Full Moon: A Celestial Celebration of Hope and Renewal As the chill of winter sets in, St[...]
Solar Pole Reversal Pandemonium: What’s coming
We've heard talk for many years about the magnetic poles shifting on Earth at some point, and yet here is[...]
Embrace Rainbow Light for Self-Love & Compassion
Creating Your Vision Meditation

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https://youtu.be/uOjMTtDC2rU Who is Jak Isaksen ? For decades, Jak has been working in the health and community services sector Australia[...]
Ecological Awakening: Shar Molloy Shares the Essence of Deep Ecology
https://youtu.be/ycgfOv7b1ZM?si=R4bd-GxRlAI-Gbfa Awakening to Our Ecological Selves: Shar Molloy Shares the Essence of Deep Ecology We do a deep dive with[...]
The Energetic Edge: Dr. Liam Burke’s Guide to Optimal Health and Wellness
https://youtu.be/9KJbp5yPZWE https://youtu.be/9KJbp5yPZWE?si=6He_9zB3_LIiq3Gj Dr Liam studied at RMIT University, completing a double degree in Chiropractic. His practice is now Chirolife Hobart in[...]

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