1 Day Silent Meditation Retreat



Start off the New Year right.

One of the many benefits of a silent meditation retreat is learning how to distract your mind with something new and interesting so that the same eternal loop in the brain can slow down and stop.

Removing all distractions and surrounding yourself with the peace, tranquility and high energy vibes here at the Vortex Healing Centre can be an enormous assistance.

For the one day retreat, we meet at 9:30 am and start off with a chat and tea or coffee.

Sounds great so far, right?

At 10 am we’ll go down to the yurt and settle in for a 1 hour guided meditation.

At the end of the meditation we break the silence with a ring from the Tibetan medicine bowl or the Crystal pyramid and leave everyone to take a walk around the property and notice, really notice how many different shades of green you can find. Or you may grab another cup of tea and sit on the vortex and watch the birds playing in the sky.

We’ll do another guided meditation, then break for a light lunch.

It’s surprising how much I usually want to talk at that very moment as sharing a meal in silence is a bit awkward but can be very funny, as we all adapt to a world with no spoken words.  It’s amazing to see how much you can communicate with your eyes and a slight gesture.

And it always amazes me to see how many useless words we use in a day, in a week, in a lifetime.

And yet we still have trouble communicating!

the biggest thing that comes out of a day of silence is the ability to communicate with ourselves again and our higher selves on a very deep level, a level where no words are sufficient, where words in the human language only seem to tie us down to some perception of what is, versus what really is.  trying to define that which is indescribable.  That which is infinite.

By the time 3 pm rolls around, most everyone has usually settled into a meaningful silence and talking that was initially so anticipated seems to come almost begrudgingly.

Yet, once the words start, everyone usually enjoys sharing what happened to them, through them throughout the day and I find the moment of discussion quite enlightening for myself and for all.

We really enjoy sharing this magical space in this way and would love to have you join us if you feel called.

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