5 Day Advanced Qi Gong Class Moving Meditation



Qi Gong is one of the 7 Internal Martial Arts.

And one of the things that the internal martial arts focuses on is the breath and being totally and completely aware.

Both of those are what meditation is all about as well.

So we will be combining the ancient art of qi gong along with personal guidance from Quan Yin on how to increase the power of your martial arts training or increase the strength of your meditation training.

I really believe this is necessary as we are in our physical human bodies.  We are all searching for awakening and enlightenment and this includes our physical bodies.

Join along with me for 5 days advanced qi gong challenge to help you gather the maximum strength, power and healing in the shortest amount of time.

This an advanced class for people who already have some experience in yoga, meditation, deep breathing or martial arts.


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