AWE Essence for Clarity

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AWE Essence for Clarity

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  • Improved, deeper meditation
  • Greater awareness (hints) of the path forward leading to dramatic breakthroughs
  • Clarity of thought
  • Better connection to higher self
  • Discovery
  • Attaining and attuning to new light body

This is made with Australian Waratah which is the greatest emotional healer, auralite and the amazing vortex here.

The essence itself was created on the vortex here in Tasmania and carries with it all of the ancient healing energies of Lemuria.


“Within minutes of my first dose of Awe, my mind felt clearer than it had in weeks. My thought process was orderly, detailed and intuitive, unlike the past few weeks of hazy indecisiveness. The Awe helped me attain a deeper meditation with better directional clues; and over the week that I took the essence. These clues coupled with the new clarity of thought helped me towards a big breakthrough which ended in attaining my new light body.” Jane S.


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