Clearing Bundle


How to Clear Blockages & Trauma Bundle

“Embracing the higher frequencies, we’re learning to create and live our dreams. But as the window closes on releasing stuck emotions, I worry about those still carrying trauma and baggage. Will they be left behind as the higher frequencies reject lower vibrations?”


How to Clear Blockages & Trauma Bundle

It is so exciting that we are heading into the higher frequencies, learning how to create and live our dreams. It really does sadden me though as the window is closing on the ability to release stuck emotion or trauma. The higher frequencies, I believe, will not allow the lower to be released into our new time line. What will this mean to those who still carry trauma and baggage? We will find that many will not be able to enter the higher frequencies as the lower vibrations are still present with in them.
To this end we are offering a series of 3 meditations to help you release. We will supply you with our AWE Essence as this will bring many lower vibes to the surface to be released, it takes about a week and then the emotions come out. The meditation will program you to release without going through the trauma again. However the emotion must be released as it is an energy and will stay in its current form until used!
If you would like to take part in this, please private message the Vortex Healing Centre and we will pass on the details.
There will be a cost of $60 dollars for the AWE and a small crystal that holds the Vortex Energy.


3 Recorded Meditations

1 AWE+ Essence

1 small crystal charged on the Vortex

AWE Essence crystal healing energy healing homeopathic remedy

Includes Domestic Shipping anywhere in Australia

Paid up members will receive small Amethyst Tower Value $18

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