EMF Protection for Mobiles


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The Mobile Phone disk was developed by Don Morrison in 2004 to be used on mobile phones and other electronic devices to reduce radiation. The same disk can be used for localised pain and stress relief.

Mobile phones, iPads, tablets – place a disk on the back of the item face on.

Laptops – a small disk is placed on the top two corners of the keyboard.

Computer screens – medium disk placed on the bottom two corners of the screen, and one underneath the mouse.

Hand-held landline phone and base station – place a double phone disk under the base station and a small disk on each hand-held device.

Over years of experimentation, the Mobile Phone Disk has been shown to relieve pain and stress when placed on certain parts of the body:

Toothache – hold on the cheek for several minutes.

Headache – place disk on the point of the shoulder. Sometimes it is necessary to do both sides.

Neck ache – place on the arm halfway between the elbow and point of shoulder on the opposite side to where the pain is. For best results hold on both sides for approximately 10 minutes.

Shoulder pain – place disk on the point of the opposite elbow until pain subsides.

Menstrual pain – hold disk on pain area for at least 10 minutes. Repeat this on all pain areas.

Anger – place disk on base of neck near or on the spine for several minutes.

Stress – place disk 50 mm above the bra line, locating the disk close to your spine. To achieve this, place the disk on the bed and then lay on it.

Stress – place disk on the navel for at least 10 minutes.

Do not sleep with a mobile phone near your bed or charge it in your bedroom. Laptops should not rest on the lap when being used.

Due to the strength of radiation emitted from newer mobile phones, you’ll receive double the strength of protection of 2 disks for this special price of one @ $39.95.

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