Escalator Essence

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  • Amplified feelings, physical euphoria, brings up stubborn emotions to be released such as anger, clearer messages from meditation.
  • Remove emotional blocks
  • Helps you to face your fears, self-doubt and whatever makes you resist opening up to receive
  • Mental – can take you to great heights or enhance the lows to bring them up to be released.
  • Physical – euphoria
  • Emotional – release blockages – see them as they are.  It brings about clear vision of what’s truly bothering you.

This is Sue’s favorite remedy, as it enhances all moods.

Above all it makes getting of anger very easy as it is one of the hardest emotions to deal with.  The anger that’s been locked in, is released once and for all.

It can also bring about great feelings of elation, making you feel as high as a kite.

The essence itself was created on the vortex here in Tasmania and carries with it all of the ancient healing energies of Lemuria.

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