Golden Rose Essence

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issue: restlessness during meditation, dis-interest in sitting still

solution: lucid awakening, experience dream state when awake, make meditation more vivid, experiencial with this aid….

benefit: deeper meditation, takes you into different dimensions, leads you to the Golden Rose path of enlightenment, lucide dreaming, lucid awakening, take you into your higher self awareness

deep state – wherever you are physically

first – to accelerate – lucid awakening – fully in the now – cut through all the bs that clouds judgement – right here – right now – endless possibilies – potential –

opening, blossoming,

Mental – removal – quiet place

Physical – eliminate restlessness – grounding

Emotional – removal of all barriors – time and place – stimulates positive emotions within self

Spiritual – visit other dimensions of self

Sue was guided by Sai Baba on how to extract the essence from the golden rose grown here at the Vortex Healing Centre. This was designed to be the great creator to enhance our meditative and dream state.

This is an excellent essence as we create our whole new world.

The essence itself was created on the vortex here in Tasmania and carries with it all of the ancient healing energies of Lemuria.

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