Herkimer Diamond Pendant 925 Tear Drop

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We love herkimer diamonds even if they aren’t officially diamonds!

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Great Energetic Pendant Tear Drop

We love herkimer diamonds even if they aren’t officially diamonds!  True herkimers all come from the town of Herkimer NY and have near diamond quality hardness of 7.5 vs 10 on the mohs scale for true diamonds. The herkimers are often double-terminated and can have exquisite clarity.  They actually pop out of the ground already faceted which is part of what makes them so energetic.  Nature has decided their form and shape.  This makes them very rare and unique.  There are actually people using the term herkimers for double terminated quartz found in various places around the planet, but these harder quartz with great clarity originate from the town of Herkimer.

But that’s their physical qualities.

Their energetic qualities are vast and they can be used for healing, clearing unconscious fears and alleviate tension down to the deep tissue level, creating a sense of deep and true relaxation and well-being. It also activates the third eye and crown chakras, facilitating focused meditation.

Wearing them in a necklace is a fantastic way to hold the energies while you go about your day.

They are beautiful as well as energetically super-charged.

The pendant does not include a chain.


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