I AM Transformational Essence

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Grandmother Sue talks about developing another essence for spiritual growth.
I had been concerned by the amount of lightworkers suffering from fatigue, burnout, and negative energies. The lightworkers have been holding space for many years, which means we have kept many protected from negative influence, both from the seen and unseen beings.
I decided that I also needed something as the drain some days , is hard to bear. I decided to create a Homeopathic Essence to aid Lightworkers with protection.
Well that created a stir ! Ideas were flooding in as to what would go into this essence. We have a Waratah that has morphed over the years to one that flowers all year round, continual healing/protection, ok 1 ingredient tick, the Vortex Energies of course, tick. Hmmm A crystal skull was trying to get my attention, ( all of our skulls have been charged with the Max and Shana Ra energies). I also sounded our 528 hz gong into the water, smiling to myself as the Essence was taking shape. I placed the ingredients on the Vortex in the Sun, but being winter, the hours were too short to get the full 7 hours I like to put into our Essences. I bought it up to the house yard as it gets an extra 2 hours of sunlight.
Thats when the games began, the Sun disk that is in the ocean in front of us made its presence known, so I drew the energies of the Sundisk and downloaded them into the essence. Wow this will be powerful I thought, however, a power point on our land thar also leads to the Lemurian city under the ocean, wanted to add some energies as well.
Phew, this will certainly be powerful.
As I prepared the Essence, I tried some so I could see how its properties were going to affect lightworkers.
So here are the preliminary results, an Immediate tingling all over my body, followed by a warmth flooding through me. Later that day I did far more work than I have been able to do for a long time. This is what my normal energy should be. The Essence protected me from being drained by whatever was draining me! I felt good!
The second dose was the same, I can feel the energy flowing all over me. As I am typing this I can feel a big increase in awareness, I can tune into the energies without having to block first! I am so much clearer. My crown chakra is active and tingling, so I am receiving directly from my higher self!
This could be our best Essence yet!


I AM Essence Crystal Healing


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