Larimar Large Pendant 925 Silver

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Beautiful large larimar pendant, made with 925 silver

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Beautiful large larimar pendant, made with 925 silver 50mm x 20mm

Unique one of a kind piece.

Qualities of Larimar

Found in the Domincan Republic, this stone is directly linked to Atlantis and the amazingly powerful love and knowledge that existed before the Fall of Atlantis.

Larimar, the serene gemstone hailing from the enchanting shores of the Dominican Republic, exudes the captivating essence of the Caribbean Sea. Also known as the “Stone of Atlantis” or the “Dolphin Stone,” Larimar is a symbol of tranquility, reminiscent of the tranquil ocean waves that wash upon the island’s pristine beaches.

With its striking celestial blue hues, Larimar is deeply connected to the element of water, resonating with the throat and heart chakras. Its calming energy flows like the gentle tides, inviting a sense of peace, clarity, and emotional balance into the lives of those who embrace its embrace.

Embodying the essence of feminine energies, Larimar encourages a profound connection with the divine feminine, promoting compassion, nurturing, and intuition. It is said to empower individuals to express their emotions freely and communicate with authenticity and clarity, fostering harmonious relationships and a deeper understanding of others.

Larimar is considered a crystal of healing and wisdom, encouraging self-awareness and personal growth. By releasing emotional blockages and past traumas, it paves the way for transformative growth and spiritual evolution. In moments of meditation and introspection, Larimar opens the door to higher realms, allowing access to spiritual insights and higher knowledge.

This gemstone is also associated with the gentle energies of the sea’s guardians, dolphins. It is believed to hold a profound connection with these intelligent beings, bringing forth their qualities of joy, playfulness, and a deeper connection with nature.

As a protective stone, Larimar shields its wearer from negative energies and offers a soothing balm to an overactive mind. It aids in alleviating stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of serenity and well-being.

In the realm of physical healing, Larimar is thought to support the immune and respiratory systems, easing throat-related issues, and promoting overall well-being.

Larimar’s radiant beauty and metaphysical qualities have made it a treasured gemstone for both spiritual seekers and jewelry enthusiasts alike. Whether worn as a talisman or used during meditation, Larimar is a radiant reminder of the tranquil seas and the infinite wisdom that lies within each of us.

Embrace the magic of Larimar from the Dominican Republic and allow its soothing energies to guide you on a journey of inner peace, self-discovery, and spiritual awakening

Larimar is often referred to as the “Atlantean Stone” due to a belief that it is connected to the lost civilization of Atlantis. The name “Atlantean Stone” is based on a metaphysical interpretation rather than historical evidence, as the existence of Atlantis is a subject of debate and speculation among researchers and scholars.

The association between Larimar and Atlantis is mainly based on the stone’s geographical origin and its striking blue and turquoise hues. Larimar is found exclusively in the Dominican Republic, particularly in the southwestern province of Barahona and the coastal areas near the Bahoruco Mountain Range. Some believe that this region could have been a part of the ancient landmass of Atlantis, which, according to the legend, was a highly advanced civilization that eventually sank into the ocean.

Additionally, the vibrant blue color of Larimar is reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea, contributing to the belief that it represents the crystallized essence of the lost paradise. This connection led to its popular nickname, the “Atlantean Stone.”

Furthermore, some practitioners of alternative healing and spirituality associate Larimar with Atlantis due to its purported metaphysical properties. They believe that Larimar embodies the energies and wisdom of the ancient civilization, promoting a deeper connection to spiritual realms, higher knowledge, and ancient wisdom.

It’s important to note that the association of Larimar with Atlantis is not supported by scientific evidence or historical records. Instead, it is embraced by individuals like myself who appreciate the stone’s beauty and its connection to the enchanting Caribbean region. The “Atlantean Stone” moniker adds a sense of mystery and intrigue to Larimar, making it even more fascinating for those who are drawn to its allure.

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